5 Best Fossil Q Founder Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Fossil has been around for quite a while, but it is just now starting to dip its toes into the touchscreen smartwatch market. The Fossil Q Founder is its first Android Wear device and there are plenty more coming later this year. Get all best black friday deals and sales for your product here.

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Google established the principle of traditional watch features in its selection of smartwatches.

Fossil’s debut watch is a breath of fresh air in the Android Wear space.

Previously, it was not clear if the watch would support the recently announced Android Wear 2.0. However, it comes with a new scanner interface to capture hi-res fingerprints for Marshmallow (and its WiFi performance is better than those of other smart watches)

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In terms of other critical factors such as value, compatibility and battery life, would you say this is the best Android Wear smartwatch on the market? It s not a bad device at all. But this may not be the phone s only problem: it just does not do enough to stand out against its Android Wear predecessors.

The Fossil Q Founder sports a correctly readable and up-to-date 1.5inch LCD display for an instant comparison to the Huawei Watch with its 286PPI display that can only show 400×400 resolution pixels.

To address the elephant in the room- The Q Founder features true flat tire look made famous (or way too, depending on your feelings) by the Moto 360. If you’ve not been keeping up with this release there is a bit of the show where in fact the ambient light sensor is situated. One of the must-have features for me when it comes to wearable devices is a circular, seamless display.

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Although this is a less strenuous way to engineer the watch, there still may be some people who do not want any compromises. In addition, although there is less of an edge around the screen on the bright side, it does come at a cost of taking up more room in a side view of the device.