5 Best Fingerlings Deals For You On This Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Fingerlings by WowWee is a great example of how robotics and toys can be paired up perfectly. These small, pink, lifelike monkeys were designed for kids aged five or more. Launching in 2017 as part of the Fingerlings series by WowWee, these monkeys have become very popular with kids over the years. This past year, they had expanded into new animals like unicorns and sloths. They also have plans to release some more cool toys in the near future Additionally, the monkey figurines receive updates in two-tone and glitter variations.

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Best Fingerlings Toys on Amazon Black Friday Sales

Fingerlings Product Details

Fingerlings are small robot toys equipped with sensors that can sense and respond when touched. They use their tails to connect with your fingers or hands. When you hand them ugly and swing them, they say WEEE! Fingerlings are also made to appear interested in the world around them. They are highly interactive and even blow kisses and babble.

Pros and Benefits

The Fingerlings are life-like pets that can be easily carried and interact with your child based on where they touch the animal. Filled with finger-like appendages, the adorable Fingerlings will that they can wrap around your finger or attach to any accessory. Moreover, the Fingerlings toy can chat with each other when facing one another. This toy is reasonably priced at $14.99 and so will be ready to use right out of the box.

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Cons and Drawbacks

The only downside to the Fingerlings is that they come in packs of one, so you have to spend about $30 to see two interact. Their arms and legs are stationary, even though they’re cute enough- their life-like qualities kind of go down a bit. On top of that, they are too delicate to keep on backpacks where they could get hit and cause them to break. They will also likely not do well in heavy rain.

Fun Additional Ideas

All Fingerlings come with a name, but it is also fun to create your own and see if that monkey has any quirks. Plus, you can make little playsets for them out of cardboard, paper, or other found objects.

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Final Recap

Fingerlings retail for $15.99 and additional models are expected to be released