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FIFA 19 s foundation is based on two things: providing great, free-scoring football and unparalleled authenticity. FIFA 19 takes a step forward in the first goal by adding a few gameplay tweaks that refine the previously well-trodden FIFA formula instead of reinventing it in any significant way, but a large stride forward with the latter, thanks to the inclusion But for each and every slick little bit of control there can be an equal moment of inaccuracy as the ball gets from you. It’s unforgiving initially, leading to untidy passages of play with balls bouncing off the knees, chests, and heads–supposedly-of top-class professionals. Even when you master this free-flowing system, most eye-catching moments happen by lucking out and catching the ball. Every Game Review from IGN

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Flicking the ball before hitting a shot on goal provides an added sense of satisfaction to attacking play.

Additionally, there is a complementary layer to finishing that works much like Gears of War’s active reload mechanic to include some risk to any potential goal threat. It’s activated by pressing shoot again after powering up the ball, with time-of-possession when the player strikes it. Unlike previous football games, where the player could fail to hit the ball and lose possession, in FIFA 19 no matter how the player gets it just right the result is a rocket of a shot. However, if they get it slightly wrong it can also be embarrassing when they fumble their shot. After experimenting with this technique, I felt like the risk didn t justify the reward when it was still just as successful if shot in the original manner. There is a high level of authenticity to how these 50/50 battles are won, considering both timing and attributes of each player involved. Being less competitive than your opponents in a consistently developing manner can be frustrating, but it more accurately reflects how the real-life football matches go. In previous versions of the game I could tell whether to challenge for a loose ball or not based on which one was most likely to win possession, but this is no longer so simple because our game intelligence is

Encountering on-ball control that is not quite as dominant, playmakers are required to have a more interactive style of football if they want to succeed. Effective dribbling and passing will only get so far, which means a more cerebral game awaits.
Rewrite 2: In FIFA 19, those who had been accustomed to overwhelming players with just pace

FIFA 18 has adjusted sprint speed to rely less on the player with a hi-score. To find space, players must now use dribbling skills, instead of simply passing the opponent’s defender. With agility stats slightly diminished in FIFA 18 (due to defenders reacting more quickly than in past games), this forces users to pursue strength as an alternative With slower gameplay, FIFA 19 offers a more realistic football experience.

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FIFA’s presentation carries it with a notable fidelity and the addition of the Champions League is welcome, removing one of Pro Evolution Soccer’s main bragging rights. The pomp and circumstance of Europe’s premier club competition is recreated in the game. From the intro music to the graphic overlays, every aspect of it exists. The graphics are incredibly accurate and I found myself constantly impressed at how accurately each match setting was recreated.

Accessible Whether You’re a FIFA Player or a Casual Gamer Gaming giant EA Sports has recreated the world’s best football stadiums in FIFA 19, including Tottenham Hotspur’s new home ground. Every stadium in World Cup 2018 feels different and it means every match is a new experience.

The players inside the ground look much better than ever also: tiny details, like beads on the sweat of their forehead or a slight ruffle to their shirt sleeves with a windy day, add to the atmosphere. The players move more fluidly than ever before, and they seem to sense and respond to the ball much better. Defenders can back up the opposition forward when shepherding a ball out of play, doing whatever it takes in order to trap it if they’re at an awkward angle. Players tire slightly more as games progress, which increases the realism. The UEFA competitions also bring with them two new commentators: Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. They don’t offer much insight into tactics, but it’s always nice to have a couple of different voices on the commentary than Smith’s monotonous drawl. The new licenses have already been woven into every game mode. For example, the Champions League is available in Career Mode, while FIFA Ultimate Team has also had a major upgrade with all new licensed legends and stadiums. The integration of Ultimate Team with live content updates will be included, but there has not been an update on how often these content updates will happen. Alongside the standard match mode, FIFA also features matches that restrict gameplay and offer an alternative. Some new game modes seem ripped straight from the playground, such as Headers & Volleys. Some of these modes bring an anarchic edge to the beautiful game; one example is No Rules mode, which quickly descends into chaos and has a lot of fun.

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The most enjoyable of the new additions is Survival Mode. Essentially, it contains players being randomly ejected from your own team once you score an objective–giving the trailing team an advantage based on these random ejections. The various tactical approaches you may take to these matches because of its evolving nature gives it a lot more depth than others. For example, attacking in the beginning leaves your team at a disadvantage down the road with minimal numbers and dwindling stamina all having an impact. If you play risk-free and try to score a goal, thus keeping 11 players on the field as long as possible, does this get tiresome? I played several matches against other players or the CPU and didn’t find it tiring at all.

House Rules is a fresh take on FIFA’s older matches.

FIFA 19′s new modes are a welcome breath of fresh air, and will help restore the old quirkiness that existed in FIFA 97.
House Rules is one of my favorite additions to this year’s game; it takes indoor football back to its roots, while contrasting nicely against the overly traditional matches in previous editions. Even though the lack of online play is an unwise choice, it s still a relief that Career Mode and Pro Club have been left untouched because these modes are some of my favorites. FIFA 19′s Ultimate Team mode remains unchanged this year, with microtransactions included. The only addition of note is Division Rivals, a mode which allows you to compete against others on your level. FIFA 19 offers a new system to buy items in FUT, but it is not as convenient as the old one. The Journey returns once again, this time with 16 hours of story-driven cinematic gameplay in Alex Hunter´s third (and last?) year. The Journey: Champions tells the story of three football players as they work to overcome their challenges. Alex, a man who struggles with stardom in Madrid, his teenage sister Kim who is torn between being truly a World Cup champion or finishing her school work, and Danny Williams, an analogue for someone in the Premier League but child within himself. In particular, the estranged brother he portrays in a twisted 1937 Hollywood villain. The story shifts between one narrative thread and three separate threads with no clear cut demarcation, so it is difficult to follow at times. I didn’t find myself all that impressed with any of the new house rules modes.

The journey mode is a thin veil of story hidden behind many cutscenes.

Disappointingly, the choices you make really don’t change anything because key decisions can’t be voted on. From a professional career perspective, I ve never really grasped the difference between what s being advertised and work, even if there are subtle differences most of the time. The introductory stages are very promising but doesn’t live up to the expectation in the long run. The central storyline can be narrowed down to a few different endings despite it being played by an extremely small number of players, and even having Neymar as your life coach just made me feel frustrated.

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FIFA 19 is a definite improvement over last year’s version. The newest tweaks to gameplay make the game more manageable and feel more authentic, but FIFA has room for improvements in other areas. However, the initial campaign The Journey and its underwhelming story is a step back from last year’s stellar release.