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The Epson DS-970 Color Duplex Workgroup Document Scanner ($1,299) is a sheetfed desktop document scanner designed for high volume office scanning use in order to improve efficiency.
The DS-970 offers faster performance than the Epson DS-870 which was our previous Editors’ Choice model and has higher daily scan volumes This scanner is near-flawless and performs as well or better than any of its competition.
However, in order to tap the full power of this device, you would have to purchase a costly add-on module that plugs it into your router and allows it to share its capabilities with multiple devices at once. Overall, we found little to dislike about the DS-970. Our one concern is its relatively high list price: $500 more than the R300s’ and $3000 more than our current best on this imperfection, the Xerox DocuMate 6710.

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The Epson DS-970 measures 8.5 by 11.6 by 8.3 inches using trays and is 7.9 pounds in weight, the same height and width as last year’s model, the DS-870; it can also be mounted on any pole up to 2″ in diameter which is also the same size used for this The Workgroup family design has a different chassis color from the other families. For example, the workgroup DS-970 can be slightly smaller than most competitors such as Visioneer Patriot H60 and Patriot H80, Brother ImageCenter ADS-3600W, and HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow 7000 s3. (All however the H80 are older Editors Choice models)

When these types of scanners are idle with their trays extended, they take up a lot of desk space. When they’re being used to scan something, it takes up less room as the tray folds away and retracts into the base of the scanner. Despite their small footprint, the printers will require ample space to enlarge their output tray.

The 100-sheet document feeder is probably the most obvious distinguishing feature of this model, which matches the capacity of the other two Epson scanners. Each of these scanners has a feeder with 120 sheets.

Higher-end desktop scanners often have intricate panels that allow you to configure scan jobs from the machine itself as opposed to the software. Since you can plainly see below, almost all of the DS-970’s functions are available through a tiny color display that you navigate via buttons to the appropriate.

Furthermore, the interface settings (which can be customized) are ties to the bundled software I ll speak about below.

The DS-970 includes a maximum daily duty cycle of 9,000 scans in comparison to the 10,000 for the H60 and H80. The HP ScanJet 7000 is rated at 7,500 while the DS-860 is rated at 7,000. The Brother ADS-3600W isn’t as robust with 5,000 scans per It has a 4.5-star rating from PC Labs, which also makes it in the top five scanner ratings of all time.

A lot of scanners support only USB, while some, such as the DS-970 and other Epson products mentioned here, offer upgrades that allow them to connect via Ethernet.

The DS-970 and many other Epson scanners are backed with a three-year warranty that features a next-day replacement, showing that Epson feels the unit is suitable for heavy use for over 1,000 days.

Amidst the hardware, there are actually two different groups of business scanners: its Workgroup line and its own Workforce models.

The Workgroup series ships with Epson Scan 2, a driver and scanner interface utility, and Document Capture Pro. With the addition of ScanSmart modules and EpsonScan, Workforce scanners can scan to any software that accepts scanning straight into it.

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As an IT professional, you’re going to love the configuration options of Epson Scan 2. Configurable in three different modes predicated on user experience: Home, Office, and Professional, this scanner interface can be just what every office needs

Passage 1: Sometimes I worry about how complicated it is to organize a vacation for my Every mode provides a number of controls based on scanning expertise. Home Mode offers less than half the number of options as Professional Mode, but some users prefer its simplicity with monochrome printing and no ICC profile involved.

Epson Document Capture Pro is a reliable and highly developed document-management program. It’s made to enable you to create and configure your own document-management system that processes and saves your scans to 1 or several file-management destinations. (Scanning options include either image or searchable PDFs, emails, FTP servers, a printer. Users can also scan to WebDAV, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive or SugarSync)

Workforce-series scanners include ScanSmart, a module that does some rudimentary scanning in addition to file management. Other options are better for document capture though. There are two versions for ScanSmart: the typical driver and interface, and the Accounting Edition.

If you choose, you can upgrade to ScanSmart for $99.

Testing the DS-970: The manufacturer rates the speed of this printer at 85 one-sided pages per minute and 170 two-sided images per minute. The Epson DS-870 edges out the Visioneer Patriot H80 (80ppm and 160ipm) for the title. The Epson DS-870 has a 65ppm and 130ipm rating while the Visioneer Patriot H60 is rated at 70ppm and 140ipm; HP’s ScanJet 7000 s3

Epson scanned our one-sided document in about 87 seconds and both sides of a two-page document (50 pages) in about 182 seconds.

The scanner takes time to read scanned data. The DS-970 scanned and took 78.9ppm to save 25 one-sided pages as a PDF image file. For the same type of document, the duplex speed was 176.2ipm.

Even though the H60 churned through text at a respectable rate of 69ppm, it was trumped by HP’s ScanJet 7000 (70ppm) and its beefier sibling, the H80 (81.1), that hit 169ipm. The Brother ADS-3600W achieved average speeds of 46.2ppm and 96.8ipm while the Epson DS-970 averaged scores of 62.5pps and 118 ips in simplex mode, just a few pages ahead of the Brother scanner every minute; however, in the duplex mode, it was quite different with over 14

Next, I timed the DS-970’s scanning and converting of our two-sided page to searchable PDFs. In our tests, the DS-970 scanned, converted, and saved a 25-page text document in 21 seconds– incredibly fast.

For scanning a 25-page document to searchable PDF, the HP ScanJet 7000 was fastest at 44 seconds. It was followed by the Patriot H60 and H80 (28 and 27 seconds, respectively) and the ADS-3600W (48 seconds).

Having a good scanner means being able to get accurate scans of documents quickly without the need for manual clean up. The DS-970 had both 6 and 5 point accuracy, which was the best we’ve seen.

Three of the other four scanners mentioned here managed error-free scans right down to 6 point type, with Times New Roman’s fed through a Brother ADS-3600W. The end result is that these scanners produce high accuracy, but the DS-870 s showing was best.

The Epson DS-970 is a high volume and good desktop document scanner, one of the most effective around. Similar to our recent Editors’ Choice, the DS-870, it’s fast and accurate with commendable software. I would have gladly given it an Editor’s Choice award too, but its $500 surcharge over the less advanced model makes it a difficult buy. However, if you need raw speed and have to choose between bulkier equipment for network users or the flexibility of a Wi-Fi device for personal use, the ADS-3600W will be an answer.

Regardless of your needs, the DS-970 accommodates speed and accuracy for use as a document scanner or as part of any company’s document management system.

The only certainty we have in life is that it will eventually come to an end.
Download This scanner is an excellent value at its current price, but we expect it to come down in cost within a month or two.

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