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Electric razors are designed to leave your skin feeling smooth. They also help avoid any cuts or bruises associated with physical razor blades.

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If you want to get a close shave and are less concerned about maintaining the length of your beard, electric shavers can be the best choice. If you prefer keeping some stubble just to keep up with short facial hair trends, trimmers would work better for your needs.

When shopping for your ideal electric shaver, you should consider the following factors

There are two kinds of electric razor types- foil and rotary. Foil is better for daily shaving, while rotary is ideal if you don’t shave often and have thick coarse hair. Electric shavers with a wet and dry feature are available for people who want to shave in the shower or while their skin is dry. Choosing the power supply for your electric shaver is a factor you need to consider when purchasing an electric razor. Many shavers today can be charged through use with either plug-in energy or batteries. Plug-in shavers are best for daily use, while battery operated outlets are better suited to travelling. There are various other features to consider when purchasing an electric shaver, such as its automatic shut-off capabilities, cleaning simplicity, portability and any warranty you may receive.

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Except for that, we have also given a list of Top 5 ELECTRIC RAZORS in Indian Market. They’re selected after careful analysis, research and testing


Electric shaver buying guide However, with some careful consideration it is possible to find the perfect electric shaver for your needs.

Below are some carefully researched and time tested tips to help you choose the best electric shaver.

Before starting your search for an electric shaver, first identify which type of shaving is best suited for your needs. One of the best ways to achieve a clean, smooth shave is with an electric shaver. There are many different brands and models out there that all work in slightly different ways.

a) Foil electric shavers

Foil shavers are best for people with sensitive skin. The foil prevents direct contact between the razor and your skin, which can lead to irritation.

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The oscillating blades move back and forth so quickly, the guard which surrounds the blade will actually raise hair up to provide for a smoother cut. However, it does not have the same flexibility as rotary razors; due to its rectangular shape.

Foil Razor is perfect for people

The best electric shaver for you will depend on a number of factors.

Unlike foil blades, rotary-blade shavers with floating heads provide exceptional results around the harder to reach areas of your face. Having thick, course hair or any desired facial hair can be difficult to shave, but both rotary blades and foil razors provide a variety of options that work for every type of client.

The rotary head shaver has a round blade that spins and guards are given to provide protection from beard trimmer blades. The guards will lift up whiskers, while the spinning discs cut those whiskers easily. The heads of the machine move around in multiple directions providing a close shave by adjusting to the contours of your facial skin.

But rotary razors are difficult to clean and maintain. Unlike foil razors, which only have 1 head with no blades moving independently from each other, rotary blades are flexible and have round edges that move closely with the shape of the face when used.

It is perfect for people who

electric shaver for coarse beards

Electric shavers should be fully charged before you begin using them. Some modern electric razors can operate for about an hour on a full charge, while others need to be plugged in for at least eight hours before being used. However, corded shavers might not be the best option for travelers. According to Travelocity, “Cordless travel chargers allow your phone or other portable device to recharge while it is in use, without having to worry about finding an electrical outlet.” If you travel a lot, go for battery operated shavers and if not then plug in razors will work best.

Not all wet or dry electric razors are compatible with shaving creams and gels. High-end models that include cleaning and charging units are generally incompatible for this purpose, while cheaper brands typically do allow it. As a result, these electric shavers need to be cleaned prior to they are set in the cleaning units. However, some warranties become invalidated if you clean them this way. Carefully read the specifications before purchasing or using the electric shaver.

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Almost all wet or dry electric razors will not function when connected to a power source. This is a safety measure designed to prevent injury for those who may elect to use it while in the shower while plugged in.