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Unlike old-fashioned electric blankets, modern ones are available in a wide range of temperature settings for the sake of your comfort.

Thanks to major vendors like Walmart and Target, as well as online retailers like Amazon, electric blankets are readily available at most locations. Prices for the blankets vary based on size, features, and make of your blanket.

We ve compiled this guide that will help you choose your electric blanket. Understand how it operates, its common features and safety regulations to consider, and view our top three picks for the best rated electric blankets of 2020.

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JUST HOW DO Electric Blankets Work?

In the event that you live in a place with cold winters, or suffer from insomnia during those frigid months, an electric blanket might provide relief for your hyperactive body temperature and consequentially improve your sleep quality.

Electric blankets transfer electricity from a special wire that wraps around the fabric of the blanket. The temperature of this wire is controlled with an electric current, and it heats up quicker than your body can or frequent bedding.


Humans are able to regulate their core temperature, which is crucial in order to maintain an acceptable range. The individual’s body may rise as high as 100.4 or drop only 96.8 during the day on a regular basis. To ensure a comfortable body temperature all day and every night, choose one of these electric blankets.

Your body has its own daily cycle that has a night-time dip in temperature.


Tools Even on the coldest nights, your internal temperature will decrease once you have gone to bed- it is only a few degrees less.

It may be possible that your thermoregulatory dysfunction is not providing you with enough heat at night. Power blankets are perfect for providing warmth because they retain the heat your body produces without creating sweat.

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Do Electric Blankets INCREASE YOUR Electric Bill?

No, quite the opposite! By using an electric blanket, you can save a significant amount on your own heating bill. There’s significantly less need to turn up the heat since you have your own private heater lay with your bed. Many people are able to lower their thermostat by 10 degrees due to a blanket’s heating capability.

Plus, most electric blankets are made of plush microfleece and similar materials meant to provide warmth without turning the electrical power on. The cables in an electric blanket are slim and flexible so that it can feel soft like a normal blanket regardless if plugged in or not. The cables are thin and prevent burn harm while providing the maximum range of heating.

Can Heat From a power Blanket Hinder Sleep?

Among other things, a good night s sleep is predicated after proper thermoregulation. The key component of our body’s thermoregulation capacity is linked with our sleep-wake routine; it becomes lowered during the night as we tire for bedtime and grows each morning to energize us in the day.

Your temperature fluctuations can be reduced by using an electric blanket. A bedding in good condition will have a tendency to protect you from these temperature alterations. A device such as an electric blanket can be a helpful tool for some people.

Are There Other Advantages to an Electric Blanket?

Electrical blankets are primarily for warming up, but they also provide the benefit of soothing symptoms of periods, arthritis, and fibromyalgia which can make it more difficult to become relaxed enough to fall asleep. Electricity releases heat to help irritations melt, making it easier for your body go into relaxation mode.

Electric Blanket Safety

Electric blankets can be a lifesaver during the winter, but it is important to properly use and care for them.
Please read the instructions carefully before using your electric blanket, especially if you have small children or pets in your home. Here are the precautions you should take when using an electric blanket:

-Avoid using it on a person who is suffering from a shock to help bring them back to consciousness. In fact, avoid any treatment or activities that could result in more injury or relapse of unconsciousness. -If the blanket has exposed wires, never store it near air

Can be an Electric Blanket Safe and sound for Me?

Electric blankets become uncomfortably hot, a problem that can be solved with an electric blanket cover.

For example, people with diabetes may think the blanket is too hot in some areas and not others as well. Women that are pregnant should also avoid electrical blankets for safety reasons. Finally, adults with dementia or mental disabilities, together with small children, are not advised users either. They may well not appreciate how to adapt the settings correctly and put themselves vulnerable to getting burned.

A good possible workaround is to not only put the blanket in the bed beforehand but also warm it up and remove it before your partner enters the bed.

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Are Electric Blankets Safe and sound for Pets?

A pet may be fun to have around, but it is important to make sure you take care of your electric blanket and keep them away from the bed.

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance

Investing in a more expensive electric blanket means taking steps to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Taking care of the product is one way to do this. For the first time, electric blankets are becoming a desirable option because of their great versatility and capability to keep warm.

How Do I Look after an Electric Blanket?

Maintaining electrical blankets is crucial. Following care instructions is vital to the longevity of your blanket and can help you avoid major breakdowns that interrupt electric service and interfere with daily life.

When using your blanket, don’t bunch it up or fold it up as that may produce hot spots. Often place it as high on the sheet of your bedding when you sleep so that there is not too much material between you and the heat. Don’t use pillows, sheets, or comforters once heated because they will only

A foam mattress is sensitive to heat, and if you use an electric blanket a heating pad or other warming device should be put under the covers in order for it not to damage your foam.

If you are storing your electric blanket, follow the same tips for storage that you would for any other blanket. Unplug it and switch it off when not in use.

Can You Wash a power Blanket in the WASHER?

Not all electric blankets can be machine washed, but most are. Unplug and remove the controllers from your blanket before washing it. Wash on a low setting in the washing machine and use a lower heat cycle for drying afterward.

Always analyze the washing and drying instructions for your blanket to ensure it stays in good condition.

When MUST I Replace My Electric Blanket?

Any dark brown or black spots on your blanket are a visible indication of burn damage. In the event that you see this, discontinue using the blankets and invest in an upgraded one. Make sure to inspect the cable and fan for frays as well to make sure they have not incurred any burn damage too.

Do not buy a used, good blanket and use it in the maximum environment to {maintain|protect} its quality.