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A quick definition about Alexa’s voice assistant.

Forget about setting the temperature. The Ecobee4 smart thermostat ($249) may be the first to integrate Amazon Assistant (Alexa) in addition to its preset features, now you can use it for a wider range of tasks – order pizza, tell jokes, play music and more.

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But is this smart thermostat worth it? Yes, because it has the same features of Ecobee3 (among the best smart thermostats we’ve reviewed). Nonetheless does a voice-controlled device belong in your house?

The Ecobee4 is not too much different from the Bot Ecobee3. It has a rounded black face with a smartphone-sized touchscreen in the middle. The most noticeable difference is blue LED bar, which brightens when Alexa is activated. The Ecobee4 stands out with its sleek, compact design and ecobee branding.

The interface does not change significantly with the ecobee4, except that there is a microphone icon to turn on Alexa by voice recognition.

Easy installation. Putting the Ecobee4 in my own apartment took just a quarter of an hour, although admittedly that s ten times I ve installed a thermostat. Still attaching and going through all the many steps, both on the thermostat and with Ecobee’s software (Android and iOS) was reasonably easy process.

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The Ecobee4 works with remote smart sensors to keep central heating or cooling set at the right temperature in every room. It could work with a maximum of 32 sensors. (A pack of two sensors sells for $19.99) Plus, both Ecobee4 and the remote sensors can find whether you’re home, and automatically switch from your home to Away mode.

The Ecobee4, like the Echo Dot has far-field microphones that are good at picking up and understanding my voice. It is possible that they may be too good for my 650 square foot apartment though; I found both devices responding simultaneously when I would say “Alexa.” Luckily, you can disable always-listening mode on the Ec

Superior smart home integration. Furthermore to Alexa, the Ecobee4 works together with a variety of smart home devices and systems, including Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Wink and Samsung SmartThings.

One shortcoming is its small speaker. While the Ecobee4’s rear-mounted speaker is serviceable, it’s not very powerful and can’t be used for more than asking a few questions of Alexa. Unlike the Dot, you can’t pair the Ecobee4 with a bluetooth speaker. It just wouldn’t be as good is most of your Alexa devices.

Like the Honeywell Lyric, the ecobee4 also has geofencing capabilities so that it can sense when you enter and leave your home. Android users can create a schedule so that the temperature reaches their desired level when they arrive home. Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable for iOS users and must be achieved using the HomeKit or IFTTT service instead.

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If you don’t want an Alexa-enabled thermostat, the ecobee4 might not be your best option.

You’ve probably seen that the thermostat is in a hallway or other place where you don’t happen to spend a lot of time. Plus, unless you plan to make lots of short requests on your voice assistant, having it built-in doesn’t really help much. I originally planned on putting my Ecobee4 thermostat in the hallway that I visit more often, but it ended up not being as necessary because I did most of my activity outside of the kitchen and bathroom.

The Ecobee4 makes the most sense for many who want Alexa coverage throughout their homes, but unless your thermostat is found in an area that already comes with an Echo or an Echo Dot, adding a speaker like the Ecobee4 can be redundant.

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The Ecobee4 cost the same as the Ecobee3 when it first launched, so you’ll be paying full price for Alexa. The Ecobee3 has been eliminated and now costs $199, but will still have updates and customer support. If you don’t care about Amazon’s assistant, Alexa, or if it doesn’t matter to you whether the Ecobee3 has Alexa built in, then the Ecobee4 is probably not for you. On the other hand, if voice-activated assistants are what you want most from your thermostat and that’s why you’re willing