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When choosing which sets of adjustable dumbbells to purchase, we looked for per-handle weights that ranged from 5 or 10 pounds to around 50 pounds, a span that is sufficient for most exercisers.

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Set the dumbbells to the weight you need or want with a variety of mechanisms.

You move the weight plates manually on or off the bar by using a threaded screw collar.

Dial: Dumbbells are sorted into compartments with a dial at either end. The weight you don’t want sits in the tray when retrieving the dumbbells, so it’s easy to pick up exactly what you need.

Handle-Twist:You twist the screws on top of the weights to transfer them up or down, which leaves any unwanted plates in place when you pull the weights out.

Slide-pin: You pull up and slide a pin at each end of the dumbbell to include or reduce weight, from the handle out. Any leftover plates stay in the tray.

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We researched and narrowed our top selections after examining over a dozen adjustable dumbbells. When updating this guide in 2018, we updated our previous selections and looked for new or updated models that have come out since our last round of testing in 2016.

When evaluating for this list, we prioritized the most recent models and previous picks.

I used both sets, one at a time, in a gym and at home to test their capabilities.

We tested the ease and speed of switching from one exercise to another, in differentiating amongst a circuit format (that is, back-to-back then with little break between). Longer transition times indicate longer periods of recuperating, which Pete McCall pointed at can be detrimental to workout quality. In the fitness center, Schiefer and I timed ourselves switching weights while completing the exact same exercises with each set. By doing this, we are able to compare changing times across sets and see roughly just how much time that adjustment disrupted a workout for two different people.

We considered how weight modifications would affect our training. We discovered that 2-pound increments were best for lighter per-dumbbell loads, while 5-pound increments could make it necessary to reduce the number of reps when increasing the per-dumbbell load.

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The ergonomics of using each set’s unique design are a critical consideration when shopping for weights. While I may not be heavy bodied, I found that the size of my upper body made maneuverability at given loads an important challenge to consider.
Broader Colloquialism: “Manueverability at given loads” The long bars made it challenging for me to find positions I was accustomed to or maintain a good level of flexibility. These minor changes didn’t necessarily impact the quality of my workout, but they did make a difference in which muscles were engaged. Brad Schoenfeld likened it to the way machines at a fitness center are individualized, so outliers on either end are biomechanically awkward.

We took note of how secure the weights felt and tried to find any safety concerns, with metal-to-plastic ratios and overall rattle being two of the largest factors.

It’s easy to modify the Core EXERCISE Adjustable Dumbbell Set at any weight, from 5 lbs.to 50lbs., with a simple twist of the hand-grips thanks to our innovative design. Other models we tested took 6-25 seconds to complete the adjustment. The easy adjustable design means you can focus on your own workout and not have to worry about how long it will take to do adjustments. Size wise, these are the shortest dumbbells we tested at 14 inches. When the weight is reduced, the dumbbells become shorter. On the other hand, other models keep up with a similar bar length regardless of how much weight you load them with. Smaller-framed persons (like me) don’t need to modify our flexibility or the angles of our movements when using these weights because short, lightweight dumbbells are included in the Core EXERCISE set