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The DJI Spark is a miniature drone that has most of the features and functionality of its larger counterparts. Even though the drone s hull is roughly how big is a Twinkie, DJI somehow were able to cram in lots of goodies. Black Friday deals are typically spiked with lots of discounts.



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Apart from its tiny and hyper-portable design, the Spark s biggest feature is arguably its new intelligent flying modes. Moreover to DJI s standard stuff, the Spark sports a small number of brand-new modes, including Rocket, Dronie, Circle and Helix (more on those in an instant). The drone also offers gesture control for easier operation without a remote controller or phone.

Spark is a sturdy drone and with the gesture control it becomes more convenient to fly.

DJI Spark uses its obstacle avoidance system to sense and prevent objects in its path. Technically, the DJI Spark Drone is very limited compared to the other models in terms of features and functionality.

The Spark has a 12-megapixel camera that shoots video in 1080p at 30 fps, and it also has a two-axis gimbal. This stabilizes the camera mechanics and blocks any jarring movements for more stable footage. This drone also has a leg up on your competition; most selfie drones only feature single-axis mechanical stabilization.

The small, sturdy drone developed by DJI is attractive and the toughest of their drones. Even though this drone is made of hard plastic, the arms are purposefully short so they have less chance of snapping off and there are no legs to break. It also has a dedicated camera which keeps it safe from crashing into solid objects but not damage free in case if you drop it over grass or carpeting. Spark is one of the hardiest drones we encountered, and its construction is first-class.

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The DJI Spark is a small and compact drone but it doesn t significantly stand out from the crowd. It s certainly not too big, but as with many competitors it doesn t bring anything new to the table. One of the best drones for adventurous travelers is DJI’s Spark. This drone can be carried by a passenger when traveling with an airline — unlike some other, more cumbersome models on the market.

The Dji Spark is the first drone that comes in a variety of colors, and those color choices shows it s not like any other drone on the market. One of the more understated changes on the DJI Spark is the newly added swappable top plate, which comes in white, red, yellow, blue and green colors.

It is said that the DJI Spark drone lasts 16 minutes on a full charge and takes two hours to recharge, but in reality it’s more like 12. From take-off to touchdown, the drone managed 14 minutes and 10 seconds of airtime. With normal flight while making full use of its motors, sensors, and processing power we averaged about 13 minutes of flight time.

Results differ, but DJI has a 16 minute flight time available on the box. The Spark drone boasts a generous flight time of 26 minutes on two included batteries, more than the Breeze s (22) or Passport’s 18. DJI has better stamina than other companies when it comes to drone battery life

You will spend about 45 minutes on its charging cradle to juice it back up to the battery s full capacity. This will vary depending t how much you drain the battery, but if Spark performs a low-power emergency landing before reaching that point, that should be the approximate length of time needed for that task. If you land the drone following the first low battery warning, it will only take about 30-35 minutes.

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Nimble, stable, and filled with intelligence In some more digestible format, the Spark doesn t really stick out from your competition all that much nevertheless, you can feel the difference once you obtain it in the air. In conditions of raw flight performance, DJI leaves everything in the dust.

Similarly, the DJI Spark offers a responsive and stable flying experience. It’s quick and nimble for drones of its size, and performs well in windy situations as well. DJI Spark is especially stable because when you let off the controls, it will stay hovering in place until you tell it otherwise.

In the end, our choice was a tricky one to make.
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

It also comes with a fast obstacle avoidance system as compared to other lightweight models. The DJI Spark’s intelligent flight modes make it easy to take to the sky whether you’ve got experience or not.

In order to cater to novice flyers, DJI designed Spark with a wide range of intelligent flight modes like TapFly and ActiveTrack. The drone also has some new modes exclusive to this product line that make it easier for anyone to capture great shots, even without the skills.

Apart from the standard features found in any new DJI drone, the Spark has four unique flight modes: Rocket (ascend with camera pointed down) Dronie (fly up/backward while staying locked on subject), Circle (orbit while staying locked on), and Helix (orbit outward in a spiral pattern). Dujji is proud to offer a drone that’s been mad for amateurs and novice pilots, with features that allow them to take professional-looking shots without any experience.

DJI Spark Drone Review Furthermore, the dji spark drone is limited to 1080p video capture capabilities, which is not as advanced as many other drones in this category.

You don’t need to be a practiced drone pilot to get professional-looking shots.

It is puzzling why DJI did not include a 4K camera in the Spark, when it has features that are on par with the competition. Instead of fitting in with the rest of its lineup, DJI seems to have purposefully limited the Spark s features. Perhaps it was a way to stop people from opting for a Mavic over the more expensive versions because they thought 4K footage seemed too good to be true.

You’ve got less 4K capabilities, but DJI Spark has some interesting features the competition just doesn’t. For example, there is a 2-axis gimbal for stabilizing video and various shooting modes to take advantage of for still photography like burst shots or auto mode. With its new Shallow Focus function, the camera blurs distracting backgrounds and helps create a sense of depth for tabletop filming.

Though it lacks the resolution of other lightweight selfie drones, it makes up for that with its features.

The Spark is a quality lightweight drone that shoots stable footage, even if it isn’t 4K. The DJI Spark is faster, smarter, and more dependable than most other drones in its class.

When you’re traveling overseas with small children in tow it’s a challenge no matter who you are–especially so if your kids have never been outside their state.

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Do you have any other suggestions?

The answer to this question depends on your needs.

If you need high-resolution video, then no. You d be better off with a Yuneec Breeze or Hover Camera Passport. If you want to spend more money for your camera, get DJI s Mavic Pro (it costs $1,000).

If you are searching for a bargain, the Breeze is worth your consideration. It has been with us for nearly an entire year at this point, and it s price is now down to below $400; but nonetheless it offers many of the same features as the Spark does.

Dji Spark is a great starter drone for beginners in the RC industry. It’s durable, reliable, and it has sensors that will help keep you from crashing. In addition to this, it comes with upgrade options that will let you grow your skills as an advanced pilot such as a physical controller that boosts responsiveness and extends the drones flight range up to Have a look for more information by viewing popular drones, top cheap drones, and favorite beginner drones.

How do I know how long the battery life is?

DJI is well known for its regular firmware updates, so we don’t expect Spark to be any different. In other words, Spark’s lifespan will most likely be the same as DJI drones without major crashes.