5 Best DJI Phantom Deals 4 Black Friday 2021

DJI is an innovator in the drone market. The company’s Phantom series has been built with a high-quality camera, as well as flight control software that allows one to fly without prior instruction–allowing hobbyists and professionals alike to use their equipment.

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It’s been slightly more than a year since the release of the Phantom 3 Professional. Despite this, drone technology is advancing rapidly. So today DJI has released the Phantom 4; an advancement to its predecessor with a stronger design and improved intelligent flight features. Finally, there is also an incredibly clever object-avoidance system in place for new

This means the Phantom 4 is a great drone for working photographers who want an easy to use and reliable drone that will let them capture ground-breaking aerial shots (given they get the required commercial license).

A DJI Phantom 4’s live stream can be viewed on a linked phone or tablet through the DJI Pilot app.

The Phantom 4’s new, slimmer design has been improved with a magnesium alloy body that gives it the feel of quality. The camera and gimbal have also undergone design improvements to give this drone better image quality.

The camera is quite similar to the one on the Phantom 3 Professional with a 1/2.3-inch sensor and f/2.8 lens that provides up to 94 degrees field of view and an equivalent focal length of 35mm (20mm equivalent). These improvements mainly include a higher resolution and improved frame rates.

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The camera now shoots at 1080p, but will struggle if the rate is anything less than 120fps. There are 4 resolutions and frame rates to choose from: 3840 x 2160 (4K), 4096 x 2160 (4K), 2704 x 1520 (2.7K) and 2708×1472(2.3

The Phantom 4 also has a set of cameras positioned on the bottom that flips up towards the sky. This is an important safety feature since they can turn upwards and detect obstacles as soon as they move into its path.

DJI has improved the battery life with the Phantom 4 by 25 percent.

The Phantom 4 has a strong magnesium alloy and is painted in a matte white that won’t show scuffs. The Phantom 4 feels a lot more solid than the Phantom 3 and weights 100g more, tipping the scales at 1,380g.

The physical design of the 4s has been optimized. One feature that may account for its size is the idea that it is integrated with a stabilizer and larger battery while keeping up with Apple’s requirements on product design.

One of the best design features about this drone is the quick-release propellers. This makes it super easy to prep, because all you have to do is just fit the battery and propellers into place.

The Phantom connects to your mobile device using an actual wire and requires no setup. It offers the benefit of having a secure and easy to use connection. It doesn’t need Wi-Fi for connectivity once it is out in the field.

Please assemble your drone as well as link it to your phone/tablet prior to turning the controller on. Once the Phantom 4 is in flight, all you need is 6 GPS satellites for takeoff.

Although connecting to the best DJI Phantom 4 may take a few seconds or minutes, I have never had to wait for greater than a couple of minutes.

To help prevent your drone from flying away and getting lost, it can be helpful to enable Return To Home mode.

It is possible to find buttons on the left or right side of your phone screen that allow you to guide the drone back to its take-off point. There are also pause and stop buttons for when you have lost visual depth perception or orientation.

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You also have the option to set your drone’s maximum height and distance, which is particularly useful if there are flight restrictions in place.

The Phantom 4 is powered by its one battery, which slots in to the back of the craft. Housed within lights display how much charge is left inside and give a convenient visual guide to flight time.

The battery of the Phantom 4 includes a slightly larger capacity than its predecessor, and permits 28 minutes of average flight time. This said, older DJI batteries that were purchased to be used with the 3 will work just fine with it; however, this is not an option if you have committed to buying new batteries for the 3 only recently.

I suggest you never allow the battery to drop below 25% and from the time I checked, I noticed that when it’s full I could get 15-20 minutes of flight time before falling but now only 12-15 minutes with a Phantom 3.

For image capture, you have direct controls on the handset and in the app.

The drone’s camera and gimbal are managed through the app, plus you can adjust some of the camera options by using your phone’s scroll wheel.

Other settings, such as frame rates and resolutions, could be changed on the software interface. It’s easy to switch between stills and video, too!

You can choose between Auto and Manual modes for both stills and videos, which you can also select via the app. In Manual mode, you can finely tune settings like ISO sensitivity: 100-3200 in video mode or 100-1600 in stills.
It may be tough to get higher highs with a DJI Phantom 4 Remote Control Quad The camera shutter speed can be adjusted from 8 seconds to 1/8000 sec.

As the controller design is similar to the Phantom 3 s, the camera can be tilted by rotating the handset left. Panning is of course manipulated in terms of flight rotation.

The app provides quick access to all available flight modes, manual assistance and full automation. These can be selected by tapping on the icons either on screen or using a physical button.