5 Best DJI OSMO Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The DJI Osmo Pocket is old, but it remains the best way to capture stabilized 4K video and fluidly moving time lapses without needing to bring a full-sized DSLR gimbal and bulky camera gear. Choose from discounted prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Best Deals For Cameras (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

It is currently positioned to become a handheld camera stabilizer for the mainstream, and which means we re seeing a lot more silky smooth video out there from average users as a result of it. That s very good news for everybody who hates shaky video.

The Dji Osmo Pocket can be used by anyone and is designed to correct for shaky hands or bouncy walking patterns. This wand-shaped handle means that you can capture shots from the ground, with arm movements or shots at different angles just by rotating it.

The smoothness of the resulting video is beautiful for the Osmo Pocket’s miniature size. Compare it to using a camera with huge rig that creates smooth video, but at reduced size. We also found it incredibly simple to set up the motion time lapse function.

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Even though the Osmo and GoPro are different in many ways, they are very similar in key features. For example, both provide stability for capturing videos or photos (through software on the GoPro) but tracking is better with the Osmo. Drones, also known as quadcopters or RC aircrafts, are programmed to have self-stabilizing flight features.

dji has a newer version, the Osmo Pocket which provides smoother video and faster file transfer rates. Also exclusive features such as motion time lapses and active face tracking are available. The gimbal stabilization is more advanced than electronic stabilization which may be why they offer a newer product for people who can manage without Gen 1 shortcomings of their older.

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The DJI Osmo Pocket gimbal eliminates the need for a bulky motorized panoramic time lapse tripod head. Now, all this technology is available at the palm of your hand.

Price and release date The DJI Osmo Pocket price is $399, which means it cost twice as much as the usual product. It was actually announced a couple weeks before its release date while pre-orders happened on November 28th of last year.

The Osmo Pocket launched just after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but a few of its best accessories weren’t available until 2019.

DJI has announced the release of a new Osmo camera.
The new version is cheaper than GoPro’s Hero 8 Black and includes image stabilization, which makes these two cameras comparable.

DJI Osmo Pocket may be the handheld gimbal that’s as small and lightweight as it is good quality. It has a 4K 60fps-capable camera, which is little enough to fit in any pocket you want it to go, and can even hold its own against more expensive products with regards to image quality.

At a height of 122.7mm, width 36.9 and thickness 28.6mm, the DJI Osmo weighs in at 116g — comparatively about 50% distance from and 3x the weight over an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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[Some detail about the product.] It can be handled easily and proficiently, with a nonslip grip which reduces sweating. This permits easy navigation through modes and features available on the touchscreen display screen. Placing it side by side with the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, we found that though they are equally capable of being mobile, the Osmo Mobile 3 is much more collapsible since it has a new folding feature.

It is a miniature version of the DJI Osmo 2 which features a larger camera at the top. Unlike the cell phone powered DJI Osmo Mobile 3, this gimbal won’t hog your important smartphone. The small image screen included in the gimbal handle is sufficient for framing shots and cycling through some menus and controls. Some settings, however, are not available on this square one-inch display.

The DJI Osmo Mobile includes a case, which we were skeptical of initially. Usually whenever a company mentions a case for product this means it will make the device 3 or 4 times the size rather than something that is pocket-friendly. The protective case still retains its slim profile, fitting neatly into our pocket.

You may also want to utilize the included case. The Osmo Pocket design does not provide as much durability and protection for your device, but it is at least an option to protect the camera. Or maybe you’re not that active and typically drop stuff a lot. That s not possible with DJI’s smallest gimbal.

The Dji Osmo Pocket felt robust externally, but under the hinges were complex motors that can be sensitive to bumps, falls and water. We couldn’t get a full range of motion with this first review unit and it would not calibrate. Us might have messed around with it too much. A new unit fixed the problem completely (and we were told the issue was fixed for that rare oversignal noise).

Here is something better than the GoPro design: we are able to export video and hook up a smartphone as a viewfinder via physical connection. The Osmo Pocket has a port that accepts small USB adapters for Lightning and USB-C. This camera is compatible with the iPhone and many other Android devices.

It’s the fastest way to transfer files from another device, fulfilling an average of 10 MB per second with an unbreakable physical connection. We loved being without a frustrating Wi-Fi connection – especially when it came to transferring 4K videos with large file sizes. When not using the Lightning or USB-C adapter, it can be slid from the port and slotned in the other way. This protects both universal port connectors and finishes that connect to your phone. It’s the sort of intelligently designed innovation that will make you think “now I see why this works better than anything else.”