Top 5 Review On Dewalt Jobsite Radio Tools | Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 Deals & Sales

Introducing The Brand New DeWalt DCR015 Jobsite Radio and Charger
The new DeWalt radio from the brand can be the most popular, but well worth it.

What sets it apart could be the included charger for your other DeWalt tools. It will last an entire workday using just one battery charge. You may charge your phone via USB when the air is plugged in. People really like this radio since it has big sound but isn’t bulky and heavy

If you prefer a smaller and lighter tool without the charging capability, then DeWalt is for you.

1. Introduction
2. Features and Specifications
3. What comes in the Box ?
4. How to Use It?
5. Customer Reviews

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Great things about the DCR015

You may charge the newer DeWalt batteries using the built-in charger located behind the radio. In the event that you plan on upgrading your DeWalt tools as time passes to a better newer design of battery then this is your best radio option.

The power bar is a great feature that allows you to have access to an outlet and also charge two batteries simultaneously.

The air’s media center has a USB outlet which can be used for charging when the machine is plugged into an electrical socket.

To play music from your own phone, you will need to use an AUX cord plugged into the microphone jack at the back of this Jobsite radio. If these cords are not available, there is also a $35 BlueTooth adaptor that can be purchased for better compatibility with phones and devices.

The radio can also stream battery life, voltage, and amp-hours for the tool

DeWalt put 2 AC outlets on the new radio rather than 3, but they didn’t make this change very seriously. I don t believe that this will result in much difference in terms of functionality because you should only really use it to charge stuff and for just 1 job at a time.

The location of the energy bar has been moved from the proper left side to the front right corner. The only advantage I could think about is that most of the people are right-handed so when plugging in, they will consider the front side first. What advantages do you see with this?

The main change between this model of DeWalt radio and the last is that it uses 12V/20V MAX batteries.

The compartment for charging your batteries is located behind the radio and will take about 90 minutes per battery.

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What Others SAY

The DeWalt DCR015 Jobsite radio has mixed reviews but overall is rated highly. We experienced the most helpful reviews and wish to demonstrate some overall benefits and drawbacks. Most people who reviewed it are pleased with its features, but there were a few disadvantages they found in their product as you will see by our tally of what people had to say

Let’s review the reviews.

Best Features
Rewrite 2: Advantages

For the most part, we really like this radio. But there are a few things worth mentioning that may con if you’re considering buying this model:

1) It only lasts about 6 hours on-time when working at full power before it needs to cool off for about an hour and plug back in again
2) The built-

Analyzing both the pros and cons of DeWalt radios, I would say there is more to the pro side as opposed to the con. Pros for example being about the sale price and sound quality compared to cons being minor design flaws. The one that probably made my decision was the BlueTooth radio because it has fewer faults and allows music playing wirelessly.

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How Does This DeWalt Jobsite Radio Compare To Other Dewalt Radios?

This section is very important because DeWalt makes a few different Jobsite radios, and choosing which one would best suit your needs can be difficult. Below are descriptions of each radio to help you decide on the right one for you.

The DCR015 and the DC012 are identical in all ways except for one: the DC012 is compatible with 7.2V/18V batteries, whereas the DCR015 works with 12V/20V ones. Given this distinction, it seems more likely that you would want to buy a model that suits your needs best.”

Wrap Up

The DCR006 speaker is only an option for those who will rely on Bluetooth music from their phone.

If you want to charge your batteries and use the radio as a power bar then you can buy either the DC012 or the DCR015 (the one featured on this page) in accordance with the battery type of your other tools.

If you don’t want to spend any money and just want the air then you can {go for a cheaper model|save by buying cheap}.

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