5 Best Dewalt Tools Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

DeWalt has a number of impressive tools, but what sets the brand apart are its reviews. Regardless of the project at hand—from new DeWalt FlexVolt to DWV012 HEPA dust extractor–DeWalt stands out among brands. We examine the performance of a range of products, including the [product], using in-house scientific testing and real-world consumption to see what features are valuable.

DeWalt been offered with a host of new tools, but not all DeWalt tools are available for these updates. Dualvolt Technology is still the latest big thing in their tool company lineup and FlexVolt batteries are very popular. DeWalt FlexVolt tools are also superior to 18V tools with their longer battery life and increased power.

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DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Roofing Nailer

I brought the DeWalt DCN45RN to work on a roofing project.

With a storm system about to hit, time was of the essence. And while we did most of the roof with air guns, I outlined the double chimney (using my cordless nailer), in areas around the valley where I started tiered rows and at each end transition for tiered rows.

First Impressions

From the very first step, I could get started minutes before my co-workers because I didn’t have a water and air compressor to operate. Not only did this make climbing easier without dragging the hose behind me, but it also made getting ready quicker since there was no need for setting up the pressure relief valve in advance (like with the

The nailer is bulkier and heavier than the pneumatic models.

The quick start and freedom to go are both things I’ve enjoyed on other jobs following this one, too.

The short-term thrill of running the new tool was attractive – admittedly – but it wasn’t the only thing that convinced me to operate its production rung nails.

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No Trouble Adjusting

Getting to work and looking for the perfect nail depth, I located the adjustment knob on top where it was within reach. There are 5 different levels of adjustments that can be set into place in seconds. It is easy to grip since you are wearing gloves when doing this job.

Place the coil as high or low as you want, in one of three positions: at the back of the magazine, in front of it with a clip on spacer, or straight down the center.

Common nail sizes for framing are 1 3/4-inch, 2-inch and the larger 3-inch long nails. There are many other types of nail shapes and sizes in use that vary by region or trade but the most common is identified as a 16 gauge wire sharpened to approximately 1 inch for general construction.

Nailing Performance

Switching from a tool that shoots roofing nails, going cordless requires some practice. You need to give the trigger a pull and allow the motor spin up for about two seconds before it’s ready to fire. Once it is, you can bump-fire along at a steady pace.

The nailer has a bump fire mode, but this is not an issue to worry about.

I found it to be plenty for the work I was focusing on at home.

With either of the nails weve used inside our DeWalt 20V Max cordless roofing nailer, we have not had any problems with the nail driving to depth and completing a project.

Nail jams and misfires were not a problem with the 20v max lithium ion cordless nailer.


The 2.0Ah battery is good for about 500 shots-which would be enough to cover 100 square feet of roofing with one layer.

DeWalt has been trying to increase the runtime of their cordless roofing nailer for a while, and it seems like they finally found the answer: installing an extra-sized battery. At 7.6 pounds with the battery, adding FlexVolt 12.0 onboard will end up being too heavy to be practical.

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Additional Field Notes

We ran into one issue during our testing: the magazine popped open several times. The catch and the magazine are of cheap plastic quality, so it s not too hard for the magazine’s tab to slide out and start. There are times when