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Dark Souls 3 takes place on a global, spiraling descent into an apocalyptic world. In this fierce and punishing game, you’re constantly knocked back after one step forward. One of the great touches I appreciated was being able to find blood stains when enemies died, and if you have the right item, seeing a flashback of what happened.

Dark Souls 3 has its flaws, namely occasional drops in framerate and lack of creative boss battles. For what it lacks there though it’s rich lore and the most epic scale yet makes this game the grandest Dark Souls experience so far.

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Despite the fact that many of its scenes are reduplications of old scenarios (similar to how The Catacombs is an astonishing swamp that has been poisoned), they are distinguished enough to make them stand out. Flawless visuals can take your breath away at any time. I found myself captivated by the beautifully detailed scenery and slowly became immersed in the game world. I ventured into the poison swamps of the Street of Sacrifices while defeating seething, cross-bearing beasts. I braved Irithyll s chilling Tower of Latria-like dungeon and got lost in a multi-story maze of cursed bookshelves in the Grand Archives.

1) Gameplay 2) Graphics 3) Fun Factor 4) Replay Value
1. Gameplay (Scale of 1-5: 5 being the most challenging/best gameplay, 1 is the least.)
2. Graphics (Scale of 1-5: 5 being very realistic and high quality, 1 is low quality

Dark Souls 3’s world does too much to reward an inquisitive and thorough nature.

Exceptional views and environmental details are plentiful in the game, but framerate drops make it difficult to fully enjoy them. However, when I was able to maintain 60 frames per second, Dark Souls 3 looked amazing.

Traveling to new places is utterly rewarding, and Dark Souls 3 rewards a thorough nature. You could spend hours in a single area, diligently investigating every corner and side-road. And at the end of your journey you’ll be rewarded with interesting story revelations, new gear, mini bosses– even entire secret areas. illusory walls return in dark souls 3 ps4 review, forcing gamers into a cycle of compulsively slashing suspicious-looking creases or bricks for prized weaponry. not only does this yield fruitful results on the early levels–but also in the late game, too. Crystal lizards will need to have had a breeding season, because these slithering beasts are always emitting twinkling titanite for leveling up your special weapons.

A mostly triumphant go back to the sort of large-scale, world-focused journey of Dark Souls 1.

Dark Souls 3 returns to the interconnected world of Dark Souls 1, where you could freely move between high and low-level areas; however, individual areas still weave their own branching paths together seamlessly. The result is a twisting maze of overlapping passages and shortcuts. Dark Souls 3 feels bigger than the first game. Early and late-game areas don’t indirectly communicate as often, so the more you progress linearly from level to level, the farther it appears like you ve traveled.

Dark Souls 3 offers some unique, sprawling levels that are rewarding to explore. I recall having seen the same place too, from another viewpoint.

The solid sense of space and geography of Dark Souls 3’s level design makes the game a mostly triumphant return to the degree of large-scale, world-focused journey that was present in Dark Souls 1. While there are some challenging platforming sections within Dark Souls 3 s environments, the game has less in this regard than games earlier in the series.

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Kindling Friendships

There are many notable characters to meet throughout Dark Souls 3, some new and some returning. The voice acting is phenomenal as always and these characters have a large amount of dialogue to exhaust; they provide newcomers with valuable hints about the world while simultaneously cementing their own place among the Souls lineup. As with past games, NPC questlines remain mysteries to be solved over the course of your adventure. In my own first 35-hour playthrough, I was unable to complete most characters’ paths but still benefited from the conclusions in other ways.

Though I intend to follow the questlines more closely during my future playthroughs, early problems in my first time through Dark Souls 3 may inhibit this. During the earlier stages of play, one character (who I met for the first time) seemed repentant for a past misdeed – though it was not until later in the game that I discovered I later discovered that he was likely to show up at some spot much earlier, but he must have missed his cue. Another character who arrived after I spoke to a covenant leader swore we were enemies afterward, despite the fact that I had never met her ahead of that. I wasn’t even a major covenant member, despite the fact that joining any one of Dark Souls 3’s eight covenants is currently as easy as snapping on an addition to your inventory. I didn’t do this either in this game, though. But, because the leader is a grouchy quasi-npc, it’s enough just to speak with him.

The Art of the Kill

Dark Souls 3 continues the series tradition of brutal world design and combat variety.

Dark Souls 3’s weapons are aggressive and multipurpose.

Executing these skills consumes focus points (FP), a blue bar below your HP and above your stamina that also acts as mana for spells and pyromancies. Whenever your FP runs out, some weapon arts – such as the aforementioned Greatsword Propeller (Exiled Greatsword seriously, use it) – start costing stamina instead. A lightning spear skill, which enables you to electrify the enemy with a charge without using elemental currency, lets you complete the move as soon as your FP recovers even if it is not urgent. As a spellcaster, managing your resources is even more crucial because the amount of spell charges you have is determined by FP. The system is also more generous than limiting — something to keep in mind. The mechanic for recovering FP is a new blue flask labeled Ashen Estus. If you talk to the blacksmith in the hub world, he’ll let you have unlimited uses of these flasks as long as you keep going back and seeing him. If you have no more than 10 healing flasks, then you can set aside five for restoring Estus and five for Ashen Estus, a choice that is often reassigned whenever the needs change. Plenty of new items in Dark Souls 3 will allow you to heal FP while on the run so that spells become less a matter of casting them and more a strategic decision.

Weird and Wonderful Weapons

Parses with dual-wielded weapon sets are the most impressive strides in the combat system. A clean mechanism for dual-wielding and an incredible arsenal primarily designed for this means that it is now feasible to have a dual-wielding build in Dark Souls 3. The chance of not having a shield is one of the reasons why dual-wielding in Dark Souls 3 feels so exciting, as some weapons are simply well-made enough to replace the need for one.

One of the coolest combos in the game is for a sword and dagger – which enables you to perform some wide, sweeping slashes as well as driving sets of enemies back before finishing them off with a mid-air strike. Another thing this combo does is allows you to quickly lock onto new targets while attacking your previous ones, prioritizing dangerous or vulnerable In these circumstances, I unleash this attack to deal with a group of smaller enemies surrounding a larger and more threatening leader. I then slash away at the other enemies before dealing the final blow on the key enemy in the centre.

Dark Souls 3’s roster of relentless horrors hit harder and sometimes faster than ever before.

Shields become more fun to use with weapon arts that let you execute your right-hand skill without two-handing it. Even if you can’t shield-bash enemies, dual-wielding shields is still a fantastic option. You can even equip weapons in both hands for full left and right options. The freedom to create unexpected builds makes the possibilities seem endless. Dark Souls 3 delivers a lot of new content, but boss weapons have their own big draws.

Boss weapons are simple to craft, you trade them for souls in the hub world after being gifted something relatively easy to find early on. Collecting them all encourages playthroughs and multiple boss battles. Once activated, it became clear that the new skin has my life priorities all over it: I have an infinite number of pyromancy spells at my disposal to spam for a cheap c in death and brimstone; but while an enchanted axe might seem cool, making sure I always do Havel s Ring first is much more essential.

Having enemies similarly powerful as you is a staple of Dark Souls games, and this one upholds that tradition. It’s sometimes frustrating to face such challenging opponents when first starting out but it creates great opportunities for mastering new skills. I found myself approaching combat with greater safety and less recklessness than Dark Souls requires.

On top of the most common strategies, I spent additional time observing my surroundings and ensuring I knew where my exits were. I used a huge selection of different weapons and shield types as I fought to take down knights. Dark Souls 3 has an overabundance of titanite, so there is no need to farm for more.

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Lords of Cinder

Dark Souls 3 has many more gameplay iterations of boss battles than in previous titles, but they can sometimes be overshadowed by poor AI.
The old games often had phases where a new set of attacks and behavioral changes were introduced halfway through the fight, but Dark Souls 3 felt this happened much too frequently.
In one case I was up against an

Almost all of the bosses certainly are a fun challenge.

Although some boss fights are straightforward slashes, shields, and rolls battles from Dark Souls gameplay, some bosses have weak spots you must deal critical hits to or puzzles that require a little bit more guesswork. The occasional experimental method of bosses was always interesting in concept, but generally led to underwhelming or anticlimactic fights. Taking down a hulking giant in four hits is a waste of an incredible boss design, regardless if the technique is pretty cool at first once you know how exactly to do it; afterwards that boss is scarcely ever really threatening again

The game’s boss designs are both majestic and frightening, with darker themes at play. Some even caused a gasp of shock when I first encountered them owing to their dramatic backgrounds or music or the circumstances surrounding them. Most had a thrilling and difficult fight associated with them in order to provide tension for the upcoming battle The game suffered from low framerates during many of these boss fights, and this made it hard to enjoy the excitement we were supposed to have.

But a lot of the bosses are certainly fun to tackle and they all require a great deal of strategy. Some of these battles were challenging enough that I became compelled to experiment using another one in the game s new mechanics. A good example of the game s balancing act between making an open-ended world while also setting a pretty rigid storyline, Dark Souls III does feel too linear for my liking and not quite as diverse in terms of gameplay. Having the HP boost was nice insurance to have for tough bosses, but not necessary for all of them.

The true value of Ember Demon is their requirement to use online features. I defeated all of the bosses solo on my first playthrough, but a few test runs with co-op and password matchmaking proved that jumping into fights with friends is quick, easy, and fun. If you want these special items for multiplayer battles, you’ll want to save them I didn’t run out of Embers and even if I did, foes will drop them or merchants at the hub are willing to sell some at a limited count.


Dark Souls 3 is a worthy installment to the series. Weapon arts bring newer combat moves without touching the prized purity of its system. Lothric’s awe-inspiring scenery provides visually beautiful arenas for rigorous exploration and fierce encounters with hosts of deadly enemies, including dangerous bosses.