5 Best Cuisinart Coffee Maker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021


In our day, there were big bulky VHS tapes. Worse still, we had to go out and rent movies from a video store at Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

I must have spilled coffee!

Although rentals like Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video have gone extinct, the Mr. COFFEE 12-cup coffee maker is still hanging around in kitchens everywhere. Black Friday is a great time to amass an inventory of high-quality coffee makers.

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Best Deals on Cuisinart Coffee Maker in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

While it’s here to stay in the pantheon of classic drip coffee makers, Cuisinart has room for improvement.

The number of cups of coffee consumed is well below the 12 cup capacity, and some people never use their whole bag. Buying an entire three pound bag may be expensive and detrimental to creative choices by buying too much at once.

I really don’t want to have to clean that up.

But with Cuisinart and its own expert design team, that’s where they come in (again we would add)!

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They have effectively re-created the VHS and Disc combo of 2000 with the help of coffee and invented a tie-up called The Cuisinart Coffee Center, or SS-15, which effectively pairs the classic Cuisinart coffeemaker with a K-Cup option.

Despite the challenge, you can be assured that Cuisinart typically comes with excellent follow-ups to its products with their own ideas and customer’s feedback.

We will discuss this ongoing partnership further on in the article since not everyone would trust our undertaking a two way coffeemaker and we are humble enough to admit that sometimes VHS and Disc players, er, or large coffee makers with K-Cup alternatives, don’t deliver on all their promises.

Still, and shifting, how else does this iconic brand, born in 1973 thanks to Julia Child herself, continue steadily to revolutionize in-real estate cooking and entertainment? Easy! Cuisinart genuinely believes that everyone will be able to Savor the Good Lifestyle by making their items both reliable and affordable over the long-haul. They could perform this by performing not just supplying 3-year warranties, but also guaranteeing safe procedures when heating factors and chords are participating.

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The Cuisinart SS-15 is one of three coffee makers within the company’s family of methods. The other two models, considered to be K-cup only machines are the SS-5 and SS-10.

While those features may be useful for entertaining a few friends, ultimately the Cuisinart thermal carafe and the four-hour auto-off option are not.

The Cuisinart CHW model includes a 12-cup thermal carafe, but does not have a K-Cup option. If you’re looking for a coffee maker with a hot water system, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for one of these:

Unlike K-cups, …

So, through a process of elimination, are we happy to own the Cuisinart Coffee Center?

What is the best Cuisinart coffee maker?

Price points: What’s the Cuisinart SS-15 VALUE?

Cuisinart is always mindful of product cost and this 2-way coffeemaker combines the Cuisinart coffee maker (normally priced between $60 to $100) with the K-cup choice for an affordable price of $140.

However, in contrast to clunky VHS and DVD combo units, this streamlined stainless system is found in many different colors and is simple to disassemble if you want to clean on the standard. To clean your Cuisinart coffee maker, utilize the manual or allow unit to self-clean when the feature is illuminated on the control panel.

Furthermore, this particular package includes 3 totally free K-Cup pods – Medium Roast, Dark Roast AND French Vanilla. Not to mention our own HomeBarista Reusable K-Cup which means that you can save money by simply grinding your own coffee for single-serve use!

While this Cuisinart Coffee Center has been widely praised, not everyone is a fan.

Chiefly, users were frustrated by seepage from the reservoir or leaking. Cuisinart responded to these complaints with a new manual that explains perfecting grinding and using paper filter could cause back-ups.

What they lacked, the business went even more and motivated customers to search for that perfect coffee by sourcing top quality water, coffee, grind ratios, and proportions. This way Cuisinart coffeemaker downtime is avoided entirely.

Although the single-serve side is a little messy to clean, overall this coffee maker has not disappointed us.

Another consumer complaint is that the single-serve K-cup option has a large carbon footprint. Unlike other companies who burden you with additional costs, Cuisinart offers their HomeBarista Reusable Filter Cup that will not only allow you to source ethical coffees, but also avoid increasing the volume of rubbish around the world.

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So, in closing, though rudimentary and full of conjecture – makes a fairly compelling argument for the Cuisinart coffee center SS-15. So, it’s up to you purveyors of nice stuff: should we buy it or not? To recap, there are two types of coffee makers:

Unlike previous models, this coffee maker allows you to make as much as 12 cups of hot coffee or a single small cup without needing to wait in line for your turn! The Cuisinarts coffee center is an impressive device in many ways, but its self-washing features are what really set it apart from the competition. The free item is almost enough to win you over, but if not then keep in mind the 3-year warranty when making your decision. You will likely not need this warrantee as stainless design and durability may be considered The Cuisinart coffee center manual also goes beyond most expectations by giving quick tips and pointers on not just caring for your unit, but in obtaining your quest of getting a great cup of joe every morning. Cost could be off-putting, but the Cuisinart SS-15 (2 way coffee system and free K-cups) makes up for it.