5 Best Corsair K95 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Today, Corsair is releasing its third keyboard to make the headlines, and once again, it’s a gamers’ dream. The Corsair K95 Platinum offers a variety of colors, which can be changed in intervals of 0.5 seconds, an 8MB memory to store profiles, and a military-grade aluminum frame. Get the latest black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for your favorite product.

1. Introduction
2. Features of the K95 RGB Fully Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2.1 Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches
3. Design

Best Deals on Corsair K95 on Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

However, for the $199 (179, AU$349) price you’re paying for elegance. It’s a lot of money to dish out on a gaming keyboard regardless of how attractive it might be and Corsair software is more frustrating to use than anything else.

The newer K95 RGB Platinum shares the same shape, design, and aluminum build as its predecessor but there are important differences.

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum has fewer macro keys and is narrower than previous models.

However, Corsair still boasts more shortcut buttons on their K95 keyboard. You get a volume wheel, media controls, lighting toggles and gaming modes all accessible with the press of a button. We choose this design over Logitech’s similarly priced but unnecessarily complicated G910 Orion Spectrum keyboard.

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Given that the Corsair K95 Platinum comes with just six macro keys, it’s more in line with less expensive options.

Unlike other keyboard models, Corsair s still features a macro key setup. There are 8MB of built-in memory to store macros and three sets can be programmed into the keys. This helps it be much easier to just bring the keyboard to a friend s house or gaming event and quickly feel right in the home.

The CUE software from Corsair is not as easy to use. However, the newest versions of this software offer a variety of colors that can easily be changed.

Besides that, users can retreat to community-created templates to achieve their desired color profiles. Alternatively, those interested in a more technical degree of customization may be frustrated with Razer Synapse since it lacks the capability for customizing individual keys

Everything in its place Corsair K95 RGB Platinum comes with a comfortable, custom-textured wrist rest that offers more support than most. Made from military-grade aluminum just like the keyboard itself, the pillow ensures your wrists are as comfortable as possible while you type or game.

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It also features a reversible and magnetic rubber pad creating a smooth micro-finish with one side and rougher texture on the other. Unfortunately, this wrist rest easily attracts dust, crumbs, oils and all types of dirty material so it needs to be cleaned almost continuously.

Corsair has also added a USB passthrough on the underside of the keyboard that you can plug your headset’s wire or anything else into.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum features a striking light bar that runs across the most important part of its peripheral, illuminating the company s transparent logo.

The new K95 RGB Platinum Gaming Keyboard features the latest Cherry MX Speed Linear Switches and delivers fast, responsive gameplay with a light touch.

Actually, the keys actuate with just 1.2mm of movement and 45g of force.

This is one of the best keyboards when it comes to games that require quick reactions. It reduces the pressure needed for each key to press down and will feel different when typing words, but it does its job well in a game situation.

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is the Rolls Royce of gaming keyboards both in its styling (metal construction, specially designed keys) and the price. Though it lacks six macro keys or a backlit keyboard, it makes up for this with an elegant design and disco lighting that can change color with your mood. When you can stomach the purchase price and complicated software, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum