5 Best Corsair K55 & K65 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Corsair K55’s membrane keys make for a gentle, quiet performance with low actuation force. The keys have an average amount of resistance and they do not feature per-key lighting. The K55 has some amazing features that make its light very colorful and easy on the eyes.

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Best Deals For Corsair K55 & K65 on Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

Corsair K70 Rgb Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

More than just plastic, Corsair keyboards like the K55 are built with a quality feel.

The keycaps are separated enough that typing feels natural, although the tops of each key lacks a slight concavity. I would have loved it if there was an edge to help when blindly finding keys while gaming. Above the Numpad are a group of media keys, including volume control and track skipping buttons. While there is no roll-wheel, this is among those tradeoffs you need to make for a lower price. To make up for the lack of illumination, these keys have raised white lettering along with a mushy soft touch.

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On the left side of the K55 are 6 macro keys, like on the more expensive K95 Platinum. The functionality is otherwise unchanged. The Corsair K55 and K65 keyboard has a dedicated macro recording button that makes setting up macros incredibly easy.

For the K55, Corsair also includes a textured rubberized wrist rest. It does what it has to and has good grip, but unfortunately doesn’t have function as other keyboards in this range do with additional USB ports such as a passthrough for connecting devices without unplugging cables.

Software As stated above, the K55 uses the same Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) employed by each of the company’s products. That is a very important thing, as the CUE software is easily the best keyboard software out there-albeit that’s clearly a pretty low bar. Setting up lighting presets is a breeze because of the drop-down menu, as well as being able to pick custom colors for all three zones with a color wheel; macros could also be recorded from within the game. Although there are fewer customization options for the K55 than on more pricey keyboard, the few it does have are design well and straightforward to use. Setting up your individual light show is also rather straightforward, with either Function key shortcuts on the keyboard or loading up the included Corsair Utility Engine software. The lighting system on Corsair’s entry-level boards are not as varied or easy to use as those of other manufacturer. Keypresses trigger a static color rather than cycling through rainbow waves, pulses, and power levels. One of the disappointments with Corsair’s K55 and K65 keyboards is that it has a limited amount of software effect presets. The keyboard also struggles to use custom RGB profiles, which is another drawback for people who want a small or less expensive keyboards because higher-end models offer much more customization in terms of lighting options.
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The K55 is not the most robust gaming keyboard in terms of speed, but some gamers may appreciate its second-to-none comfort. The K65-S Pro is a great keyboard that feels really good to use, with keycaps that feel especially satisfying when actuated. The keycaps on the K55 don’t wobble when touched, unlike most other membrane keyboards.

Personally, I am not a huge macro-using gamer but the pre-programmed macros worked fine. Setting up the K55 for gamers is easy, but it s missing higher-end features like swappable keycaps. There is no denying that these systems are expensive as of this price, but the amount of money you save allows for a wide degree of customization on the web.

The best low cost RGB gaming keyboards are difficult to find, but the Corsair K55 has a decent selection of features while maintaining an expensive feel. If you are thinking about buying a gaming keyboard to reduce the sound, this is an excellent option.

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