5 Best Concept 2 Rowing Machine Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Concept2 Model D is one of the most popular and highest-quality rowing machines on the market.

When we are talking air resistance, the Concept2’s action is smooth and can closely replicate rowing on water. It will change to your energy meaning that as you row faster, so does the level of resistance. This model is practically effortless to row, no matter how hard you pull the handle it will match your strength. Get unbeatable deals in this Black Friday sale for your favorite product.

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The construction is solid and will endure years of punishment without complaint. These models are used in gyms worldwide and, for that reason, were created to last. They are also the first choice in most rowing clubs and serious rowers which says everything really!

The Concept2 is an excellent piece of exercise equipment that makes it possible for you to train a total-body, low-impact workout.

#1: The rowing position is excellent and the seat is quite comfortable even after long sessions. If you have used any other rowers in a gym, it has most likely been with a Concept

A note of caution- If you have a knee injury that makes running difficult.

See our Model D vs Model E guide for more insights.

Program the nifty Slide attachment and simulate rowing on water. You take your machine to the slide and as you move it back, it slides forward just like being out on the water!

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Console/ Monitor

New: The console in the Model D, which is currently the PM5, automatically switches on when you start to row and shuts off a few minutes after ceasing.

You can store your workout statistics to a USB key (not included) and transfer the data to your personal computer or Mac for further analysis using Concept2’s software.

The screen is equipped with all the usual workout metrics such as calories, strokes per minute, duration rowed, and more.

Selecting a rowing machine can be difficult for someone who is unfamiliar with the machines. The best rowing machine will come assembled and with a certification that it has been inspected by a professional engineer. If you do not select an option that already comes equipped with resistance, you will also need to purchase this equipment separately in order to create the best realistic

The PM5 by Concept 2 is more powerful than its predecessor the PM4, you can even race against a boat on screen. You could also compare your row with previous performances and other rowers from around the world The PM5 also provides the opportunity to race against other Concept2 users for even more motivation to train!

Performance Monitor

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The ModelD is one of the best rowing machines in the market for an irresistible price. You don’t really need to be surprised why it’s dominating the rowing machine industry It is a rock solid machine that can last for years and rarely break down. It is first choice for serious rowrists as an indoor training tool due to its durability! In addition, there is one more thing to think about which finish? It will come in either a matt black or dark grey. In our humble opinion it should be black.