5 Best Chicco Fit2 Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

The Chicco Fit2 is a convertible bucket-style car seat that changes from an infant to a toddler. While tempting, 99% of its luxury features make the Chicco Fit2 an expensive seat. So if you re on a budget, I d recommend checking out some other great infant seats – many offer just as much without breaking your bank! We’ve got the best black friday sales and deals for you.

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Chicco Fit2 has many features that make it an excellent car seat.

Weight limitations: 4-35 pounds in the newborn position 15-35 pounds in the toddler position Height limitations: 35 inches or when their head reaches within one inch of the top of the car seat I decided on a child car seat with a weight maximum of 35 pounds, assuming that would work for two years until my son reached that amount. I later learned from another mom friend of mine that kids often outgrow the height limitations before reaching the weight limitation. I should have known better than to go for the less expensive option!
Rather: When I bought my son’s car seat over a year ago, I had not realized that by the time he was fully grown it would be too short now having outgrown it.

Starting around their first birthday, it is recommended that a child be switched from an infant bucket seat to a rear-facing convertible car seat. If you leave your child in the forward facing position unnecessarily past his/her first year, they may not be tall enough for this type of car seat. Best Ingredient: A child safety seat should rest at least one inch from the top of the car’s backseat.

The Chicco Fit2 infant-to-toddler seat is convertible from an infant to a toddler seat, which increases its limit height up to 35 inches. This approximately matches the average 2 year old’s height. The Chicco Fit2 will last you until your child is about 2 years old, but depending on the growth pattern of your child that’ll vary.

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Chicco did this partly to market keeping kids rear-facing until at least two years of age. The rules at this time say to keep your son or daughter rear-facing until he or she is 24 months old, but they should be in that seat even after that if possible!

So while its great that you ll get more use out of the seat, I think many will want a convertible carseat in order to keep their child rear-facing longer.

Easy-to-convert base

The Chicco Fit2 not only includes a convertible base, but it’s very simple to use, too! You just lift up on the lever on the car seat base and convert between infant and toddler position. Toddler stage is for whenever your baby starts to crawl or walk – if they have better muscle control.

A bubble level indicator is essential for safety on child car seats. Some child seats have a single printed horizontal line. However, this technique tends to be subjective and inaccurate as it relies on human judgement rather than being machine-made with precise measurements. The level on car seats is a very important factor in installing the seat, and I think it’s worth the time to choose a seat with this feature.

Supercinch Baby Carrier

Chicco offers SuperCinch as an easy way to install their vehicle seats. LATCH belts often need to be tightened which can be difficult when installing a carseat base with certain models.

Supercinch does most of the tightening for you, which means you don t need to pull on the LATCH straps so hard that you pull a muscle too!

No-rethread harnesses Ultimately, the machine stops human error from interfering with the procedure, and it’s an excellent feature to have.

You want the car seat’s headrest to be about level with your child’s shoulders. As he or she grows, adjust the straps accordingly for more possible positions. Seven positions offer more options than other car seats with comparable features.

Parents will appreciate the ease of adjustment that this Chicco stroller offers. Just squeeze a button, and you are ready to go!

The Chicco Fit2 is a pretty compact seat by comparison to larger convertible seats.

The convertible base, often a defining feature for those who have two child car seats.

This car seat is compatible with Chicco strollers to make a travel system. I stopped loading my son in his infant carseat once he reached the weight limit, but if he falls asleep in the car, I’d use it as part of a travel system. Through my personal experience, I ve found that my kid doesn t like to be strapped in and then inserted into the stroller. Fortunately, this car seat lets me take him out of his carseat base and strap him standing up in the stroller.

The Chicco Fit2 has two stages of seat recline: the first is a fully upright position and the second is an inclined incline.

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Heavy The fit2 will come in at just a little over 12 pounds. In my testing, I discovered that many carriers are heavier than this and ive found the weight doesnt suit for more people. It varies based on your individual situation but tend to be best no more than about 9 pounds or so. When looking at seats, make sure to pay attention to the weight of each seat.

For advice on the best infant car seats, take a look at this article.

The colors are less varied than I would expect, so it was initially a let-down. But once you see the beauty of the seat, you forget about that minor disappointment! Especially bold or bright colors.

I really like infant seats, but I also think you need to remind people that they will soon have to buy a convertible seat.

The Fit2 may potentially allow you to get your child closer to booster seat phase, but I’m a huge proponent of keeping children rear-facing until they outgrow a convertible car seat. As the AAP and NHTSA recommend at least 2 years rear facing, there is more info that suggests keeping them rear-facing for even longer than

And as a result of this, I don’t necessarily see purchasing the Fit2 as cost-effective for the reason that you might not manage to skip the convertible seat altogether.

Other options

If you re looking for a highly regarded infant seat that has an affordable price, the Chicco KeyFit 30 is definitely worth considering. You can read more about its features and decide if this will be a better selection than purchasing one from the other review I wrote here.

The Chicco Fit2 has been highly rated, with hardly any complaints.

Chicco Fit2 I still see the need for purchasing a convertible carseat following this seat. So although you’ll get an extra year out of your initial carseat, there will potentially be that other cost to account for. The Fit2 is also one of the more expensive car seats we’ve seen.

For that reason, if you’re on a budget, I’d recommend checking out Chicco’s less expensive model, the KeyFit 30. It includes many of the same great benefits at a more affordable price.

The Chicco Fit2 carseat is nothing special besides its weight. Though it has quality features, I would go with a more affordable model and trade off the longevity for cost savings.

I am a stay-at-home mother of one. With my background in healthcare and safety, I’m very careful