5 Best Canon Printer On Cyber Monday Or Black Friday 2021

Canon’s MF424dw ($349) is our 2019 Best Printer prize for small and midsize offices and workgroups on a budget. Canon’s multifunction printer, the MF445dw, is an excellent home office and small business machine. It prints quickly and accurately as well as offering paper capacity for expansion. The MF445dw is a good, all-in-one multimedia printer that costs a little bit more to use than competing laser printers.

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Built to Perform

The MF 445dw is only 3 inches bigger than the similarly powered MF4242adw monochrome AIO.

OR The Epson WorkForce Pro is more massive and heavier than the MF445dw but it still has less ink in its cartridges, and the EcoTank ET-M3170 is smaller and lighter.

Though I’ve already reiterated this up top, the imageCLASS MF445dw includes a single-pass, auto-duplexing ADF with a capacity of 50 sheets. Single-pass scanning, as you should know from above (in case you forgot), involves two sensors that grabs both sides of the paper simultaneously as it passes through

All of the AIOs mentioned so far have double-sided scanning capability, but Lexmark printers are the only one with a different process. It captures one page, then takes it back inside, flips it over and scans the other side – slower than automatic duplexing, but still very effective.

Configuration and other walk-up tasks, such as for example scanning to or printing from a cloud site, monitoring consumables, and making utilization reports can be managed from the MF445dw s big 5-inch graphical touchscreen.

The control panel of the printer is only accessible through the touch display. It’s not only spacious and simple to use, but you can also connect your printer to Canon’s Application Library so that you can customize various options. You will find several apps, some providing shortcuts to workflow profiles such as for example scanning to a network drive or email, or printing from various popular cloud sites and repositories like OneDrive or Dropbox.

As well as the Applications Library, the control panel is programmable by individual user or human resources. Basically, you can create independent home screens with a variety of shortcuts made to optimize tasks performed by Accounts Payable, or simply a couple of scripts designed to connect to your document management system. Canon printers provide a lot of controls that are also available via the in-built web portal.

The maximum input capacity for paper is350 sheets in the 250-sheet main tray, and 50 days with a 100-override sheet. If that’s not enough, you can purchase an optional 550-sheet cassette ($199.99) to increase the total input capacity to900 sheets

All three models s tray creates 50 sheets of paper and needs to be manually fed, but the Brother has a 300-sheet input tray that holds paper from once side, while Lexmark s 250-sheet input touch feeder starts as soon as the lid is closed. The two former devices have only one output bin for print jobs, but Epson The EcoTank ET-M3170 is not expandable at all.

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Robust Connectivity and Staunch Security

This printer has an individual connection to your PC via USB 2.0, an Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT, 802.11b/g/+Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct (a protocol which allows the device to act as a hotspot for compatible cellular devices.)

Wifi and portable storage connections are not the only way to go. Other mobile options include Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria plus print from anywhere options like the included Canon application software that lets you print from and scan to cloud storage sites. Furthermore, you can do so with a USB thumb drive through the right front of this You may also download Canon s PRINT Business app, which will help the printer connect to cloud sites among many other tasks.

Security features include a built-in web server for monitoring and configuring the device, restricted access to the device’s properties via department ID authentication, and usage monitoring. The large display is another great feature on this printer.

Print in the Fast Lane

The Canon MF445dw-8040cIJ black printer can print at 40 pages each and every minute (ppm) for single-sided pages like the majority of Canon printers. However, by default that one defaults to two-sided (duplex) printing which is listed as images per second (ipm). We ensure that you record stats in both duplex and simplex mode for printers, which come from the box prepared to print two sided pages, like those by Canon or Lexmark. I tested the MF445dw over Ethernet on our Intel Core i5-equipped testbed running Windows 10 Pro. The process of setting up Ethernet was straightforward and fast, using the USB cable as a fallback if needed.

The MF445dw built in duplex resulted in a printing speed of 24.4ipm for our 12-page Microsoft Word text document, which is faster than the speeds of other models we tried. The Epson WF-M5799 and ET-M3170 take a while to print, clocking in at 24.4ppm and 21.3ppm respectively.

In addition to printing the word documents, I then printed our Excel document with color and graphics, a PowerPoint presentation with pictures, and a PDF file using full-color. The print speed for these more complex files was slower at 23.4ppm in simplex mode or 15.7ipm in duplex mode. The Canon MF424dw turned in test numbers on par with the Epson.

The Lexmark MB3442adw turned in a score of 18.3ppm (15.6ipm duplex), slightly faster than the Epson WF-M5799’s 17.2ppm, which was the slowest at 15.8ppm.

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Good Grayscale, So-So Running Costs

If you want to print a lot of text and use graphics, this is the best printer. It prints legible near-typesetter quality in all point sizes I tested–even typesetting small ones like 5 or 6 points.

The grayscale graphics I printed looked good, too. Though I did notice some slight banding and minor streaking in a few darker gradients and fills because of the printer’s display, it wasn’t enough to cause any significant degradation to the document quality.

Entry-level and medium-volume laser printers are typically more expensive to operate than their inkjet counterparts. For instance, if you utilize Canon’s (or another manufacturer) highest yield toner cartridges, can cost you about 2.3 cents a page on the cheapest setting of 1,000 pages per month (~2 years).

The Canon MF424dw and Lexmark MB3442adw printers are in the identical category as both offer a three-fold difference between printing and copying cost. The recommended monthly volume for this model is 750 to 4,000 pages.

Aside from higher quality printouts, a beneficial aspect of choosing the Brother MFC-L6700DW is that it costs 1.4 cents per page to operate. If you print thousands of pages every month and input this into the math, it will save you lots of money over the life span of your printer. If you’re looking for a high volume printer, the Canon MF445dw is worth considering. The printer may cost more than $200 itself, but if your printing needs are heavy enough- that is well worth the price.

A Capable Contender

The Canon imageCLASS MF445dw is a good option for small business owners. It comes equipped with an override tray so it can hold 100 pages, which means that this printer costs approximately $50 less than the Editors Choice machine per fifty additional pages. If cost is an important issue, you should consider the Epson WF-M5799, which has low ongoing running costs.

the only downside to this printer is the comparatively high cost per page. The high quality of print, speed and some great features, such as the single-pass ADF and media capacity options, make up for these costs.