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Just because you buy a Roasty Coffee product and earn us some money still doesn’t mean we endorse the purchase.

If you consider how many people rely on coffee as their primary source of energy, then it’s not surprising that such a large number of companies dedicate their time and resources to designing the perfect machine. There are several reputable brands out there with long-lasting machines that come backed by excellent warranties and customer support, so find one that works One such brand is BUNN.

Got BUNN, Hon? The Bun.n Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company began 170 years ago when Jacob Bunn started a small grocery store with his wife. That little store grew into the 13-acre plant in Waverly. As George R. Bunn’s ambitions and business continued to grow, so did

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BUNN has been around since 1954, and most homes and businesses trust the name.

We ve gone ahead and divided this buying guide into three sections based off model lines released by BUNN. There are three different types of coffee makers: the Velocity, Speed, and Other category.

For each section, we ll talk about the coffee makers that made our favorites list and for which ones didn t make it.

Of the different ranges of BUNN coffee makers the Velocity Brew Family should be your first choice.

Common Features All 4 models plus their high-altitude variants (where applicable) have 50 ounce brew capacity and are customizable between 8 and 10 cups. Brew takes about 3 minutes, which is impressively fast for a drip brewer.

The stainless steel reservoir heats to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and brews automatically. Plus, most machines come with a three-year warranty.

not as fast

Best Bunn coffee maker

The initial Pour O Matic GRB measures about 48″ Hx 7.1″ Wx 14.8′ D and weighs around 8 pounds, which is on the tall side like a lot of other models we reviewed here.

The carafe is made of glass and the heat plate is coated with porcelain, which prevents drink from getting too overheated. The lid flips up like most brew on demand brewers, but it’s designed to keep your coffee warmer than others.

BUNN offers a variety of coffee maker types with different carafe options.

If you only drink coffee within the next 30 minutes or so, a thermal carafe probably isn’t necessary. Thermal carafes just keep the coffee hot without getting burnt for around two hours for larger brews like 10-12 cups and up. Hot plates can often cause coffee to lose taste over time.

Glass carafe models are not to be dismissed as a whole. While the hot plates on these machines are porcelain coated, which helps prevent or at least delay some of the negative effects of other hot plates.

The downside of some drip brewers is that they take a long time to brew, but some have a pause function to allow you to drink while waiting. However, this can create uneven taste as the early coffee brews have a much stronger flavor than those brewed later.

BUNN Coffee makers are perfect for the modern morning routine because you don’t have to wait long for it to brew. The best BUNN coffee maker is fast, usually taking less than 5 minutes (3) but as slow as 10.

To make a perfect cup of coffee, you need to know the capacity of your coffee maker. The standard serving size is eight ounces – so, if you have models with cups as units of measurement (e.g., 10-cup model), understand that these represent actual servings and not just the number on the scale.

As far as your options go, the BUNN lineup is pretty limited.

BUNN coffee makers come in a variety of capacities, but most have a 10-cup (50-ounce) tank. This is enough to serve around six regular cups of coffee.

If there are many guests who want more than one cup of coffee, be sure to run water through the machine after serving each batch so that it can

If you’re looking for a 12 cup coffee maker, this is your only option.

BUNN machines require a minimum of 4 cups or 20 ounces. Despite this, the size is still on the smaller side and might not suit everyone’s tastes.

If you are looking for a smaller machine, then the MyCafe might be right for you. If you need a more professional-looking machine with greater capability, then the dual brewer is the way to go.

Though the various features in a brewer are all pretty worthless, Bunn machines do have one fairly valuable feature to discuss.

There are a few basic features over the board. All these machines can offer you warm water just as fast because they offer you coffee, which is good for tea, instant soups, and other things like that.

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All the machines except for MyCafe use loose grounds.

One option for when you only need to brew a single cup of coffee is the MyCafe.