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The Brother 1034D serger is great for a variety of fabrics, including: linens, knits and even more formal materials.

The differential fabric feed helps to produce high-quality stitches on all types of fabrics, but is especially beneficial for knitted and stretchy designs that other sewing machines might have difficulty with.

Janome’s 1034D boasts 22 built-in stitch functions, including a rolled hem function, ribon locking mechanism and 3-thread overlock.

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With so many stitch functions to choose from, you may be able to create:

Lace edges, ruffles, spaghetti straps and narrow seams are some of the decorative details you can add to your projects by using Brother’s 1034D serger.

The 1034D is equipped with an adjustable stitch width function, which provides either 5mm or 7mm options. You can adjust the width of a serger for ideal edging, be it for spaghetti straps or finishing quilting projects.

And with a removable free arm, you may easily serge narrow items, like sleeves. This is a make or break feature for all of us! Without a removable free arm, it’s difficult to use sleeves or children’s clothing. Use this feature to do various tasks.

This Brother serger machine will work with the same needles as your usual sewing machine.

This overlock machine does not disappoint in the speed department. With a capacity of up to at least 1,300 stitches per minute, this 1034D can save you time without compromising on quality.

With a ton of benefits, the 1034D will be your new go-to machine when you need to sew something.

This machine offers features that will optimize production on both heavy and light fabrics with the adjustable foot pressure. You’ll be able to remove your stitch finger for flatlock or pintucking, thanks to its On/Off knife feature. Strengths of the Brother 1014D include a workspace that s brightly lit, making it easy to see even with nothing else, and has plenty of accessories for sewing. If you’re like the majority of sewers, you’re probably hesitant about using a serger machine because you’re afraid it’ll be complicated. And let’s face it – no person really wants to learn a new machine. The 1034D is a straightforward machine to thread and one of the easiest models I have ever stitched on.

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The instructions are detailed and step by step so you should be able to figure out how to thread the machine on your first try. Instructions include illustrations with pictures that show all of the parts in detail so even if it’s your first time, you shouldn’t have any problems!

Brother includes an instructional video to provide you with started. They also offer free phone support for as long as you are the asset’s owner.

– Simple to use, ideal for beginners
– Multiple stitch functions built-in
– Works well with a variety of fabric types, doesn’t require special needles.
– Removable free arm permits easy stitching of sleeves.
– Adjustable stitch width for quality stitching on all projects. Cons: Threading could Though the device has thorough instructions in its manual, it also includes a video to make certain everything is clear. Additionally, numbered and color-coded marks are visible on the exterior of the machine to help with threading. Though, there are a few users who had trouble threading. Why? We’re not sure. But we had no issues with this. It could be that these individuals didn’t read or follow the directions properly.

If you are in the market for a basic serger sewing machine, then it becomes difficult to find anyone that is not pleased with the Brother 1034D. For beginners and experienced professionals alike, this sturdy machine will do everything you need and then some. Serging can really change the game for you if you re not used to it.

The Brother 1034D serger, the sewing machine that best for beginners.

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Shannon’s been an avid quilter for twenty years. It started with her grandmother who was the one to teach her how to stitch, but now she stitches while pursuing motherhood as well.