5 Best Bose SoundLink Color II Speakers On Cyber Monday Black friday Deals 2021

Bose’s original SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker was lauded for its affordability and sounded best for it’s compact size. Its new sequel, the SoundLink Color II, offers a few different colors to choose from and is similar in form, though slightly shorter and stockier. It weighs 1.28 pounds. Bose has two versions of its Sound Link Color II Bluetooth speaker. Their Classic and Elite models weigh in at 1.20 pounds (or 581g vs. 544g) while costing the same price: $130, 120 in the UK, or AU$179 in Australia . You can also buy Here

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As the original was mostly made of hard, plastic with rubberized fins and a speaker, this new model is totally covered in soft-to-the-touch rubber. The new speaker is also water-resistant: Its IPX-4 recognition helps it be splashproof, though not waterproof.

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The soundlink color ii also has the ability to remember up to eight devices paired to it. It can run at medium volume levels for a maximum of 8 hours, which is equivalent to the original s. (That’s sufficient enough, but not exceedingly good).

I personally don’t think the look is an aesthetic upgrade, however the speaker does seem a bit more mature. I love the soft-to-the-touch finish, howver, I have found that it’s quite a magnet for dust and lint from carpets. Going to go wash it off every once in awhile might be a good idea

Note, however, that this bluetooth speaker is powered only by USB. You can solve this with any standard phone or laptop charger you already have on hand.

I had no trouble pairing and re-pairing as well as connecting to two of my wireless devices, the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The Bose Connect app for iOS and Android does not do much other than provide a way to rename the speaker, turn voice prompts off if you don’t want them on all day, or

The SoundLink Color (available for $95 at Amazon) is just a little better sounding than the initial. The speaker produces clear audio that will likely be unparalleled when you take into account its size. You’re going to want to keep in mind of some limits, though. (It could fill a smaller room with sound but don t expect it to fill much larger spaces).

It can play your favorite live music, as well as soft rock, despite its ability to deliver good tonal balance with U2’s Running To Stand Still.

Even without a ton of bass, the sound was surprisingly strong for electronic and hip-hop tracks. For example, Snoop Dogg s Drop It Like It s Hot and Swedish House Mafia s Greyhound sounded excellent. However, tracks with a large amount of instruments playing simultaneously are more difficult because this little guy has difficulty distinguishing the different frequencies. You might notice that the speaker decreases volume and distorts certain ranges in order to avoid distortion.

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The only speaker I would choose over the Bose is one with better battery life, like the JBL Charge 3. At $130 it might be a little expensive to some (even though with all the great features it should cost closer to $100), but for its size, this is one of the best speakers out there.