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Bose is known for producing upright, all-inclusive sound systems. They don’t do so when entering the high-end home speaker market though. Without a group of boisterous speakers, louder sounds won’t be made.

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Up until now, the industry standard. But with the release of the -approach to life 600 and 650 ENTERTAINMENT Systems, Bose has changed how we look at home theater systems. They’re not the first ever to introduce a compact 5.1 surround system. Head to your neighborhood store and you’ll find many of the latest models to choose from. While in those circumstances, their compact size isn’t due to engineering and design– it’s a good example of manufacturers using economically priced pieces in order to create unbelievably cheap systems that never quite meet your expectations.

Can Bose’s compact 5.1-channel systems put up a decent fight, given the right setup? Let’s find out.

First Looks

Both the Lifestyle 600 and 650 consist of three main components: a console, wireless bass module, and remote speakers. The receiver may be the hub for all devices. The 6-Series takes all different audio sources, 4k video sources or your personal computer and can act as a middle man between them. With the remote you can transform inputs, channels and control every part of the sound. The wireless bass module may be the same excellent Bose Acoustimass 300 Bass Module, but that is where in fact the similarities end.

The 600 includes five individual speakers. There are three in the front: left, right, and center. In addition there are two satellite speakers in the back. All five of these models were also found in Bose’s previous line of home theater systems for listeners with six or more channels. When you go with the 650 series, you access their completely new OmniJewel speakers. Four identical modules for leading and rear satellites provide a powerful and sharp soundstage.

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Speaker Design

Bose has a strong track record of producing equipment that enables consumers to enjoy listening to premium sound despite the small size.

Bose life sounds 600 Though both play the same frequencies, it’s the direction of sound that changes. If you open up the speakers, you’ll see that each driver is tilted left or right at an angle of roughly 30 degrees With their advanced sound processing system, they are able to change the volumes of every direction so that it appears as though the sound is coming from somewhere in the center of the room instead of among them individual speakers.

The OmniJewel speakers features unlimited focal points because the design doesn’t push air, but instead uses a rubber jack. When the driver vibrates, it creates pressure fluctuations that are transmitted to you when the speaker is facing you.

I looked at this article on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_wave_(acoustics)#Polarization_(propagation).

The OmniJewel speakers from Bose emit their sound evenly across 360 degrees, so there is nothing pointed at you. Behind the grill of each satellite are two drivers that create a pocket of air. Our Loud Tv Noises Make it Even Worse This makes the Bose Lifestyle 650 the first true 360 degree surround audio system.

Sound Quality

Now that you understand how the speakers are likely to work, it’ll be worth considering: How do they sound? In a single word: Surreal. Imagine upgrading from an audio system to surround system for the very first time. Initially, it’s incredible. You’ve never heard music from so many directions. But eventually, your ears get used to it and the magic fades away.

The Lifestyle 650 provides you back to that first day you heard 5.1 again, often the human ear is very accurate at determining the direction a sound is coming from and with this approach it may be just right way to show it. The Lifestyle 650 offers people with the option to pinpoint each location.

Sound separation in the 600 series is noticeably better than your typical 5.1 system, but it will depend on what surfaces your speakers are facing. The Jewel Cube speaker is not actually pushing sound a particular direction; it’s merely fooling your ears into thinking so with some imaginative engineering. Although there are not significant differences in the 650 and 600 when you’re sitting in the heart of the room, if you are not at an ideal focal point, that’s when one sticks out.

Although positioning and separation will be the primary advantages of these speakers, they offer a high sound quality as well. You may expect superior sound clarity, rich highs and detailed mids. With this technique, the audio quality has been improved to a point where you hear distinct elements from even your favorite movies and TV shows! Hear the birds chirping faintly in the background, traffic on highways or clothes rustling as characters go through a scene.

In our review of the Bose Bass Module, we mentioned that the subwoofer is one of the best performers in its class. If you are considering this system, we recommend checking out our review for more information.


When you re engaging in sound equipment of the caliber, it s insufficient to have engineers design speakers that work very well together. The size and condition of your room has a significant factor on how well the speakers will perform. That is more important with the introduction of life 650 speakers, given that they can project sound in any direction they choose. If the speakers unknowingly project sound right into a wall, it ll reflect and negatively affect the positioning.

Many home theaters have audio calibration systems. With a few hundred dollars investment, you can get an experienced technician to calibrate your system for the best quality sound. But with the Bose Lifestyle system, these devices will calibrate themselves.

The system is called ADAPTiQ, and it is executed brilliantly. The machine includes a special couple of headphones that are more like head-microphones than ear cups. Instead of having earcups, they have little pockets of plastic that fit around your ears with remarkably sensitive microphones inside. You plug the headphones into the receiver, then sit in your chosen location in the listening area.

To use the Bose Lifestyle 600, you have to sit in one spot for approximately five to 10 minutes and wear the headphones. During that time frame, tones will play from both speakers on their own and in various combinations. The calibration process may seem odd, but it will save you a great deal of money in technician fees. The process is quick and easy to do-about five minutes from start to finish.

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Serving as the centerpiece of your house theater, this console can connect to all modern connections.

You have six HDMI ports to connect all your devices. These can handle 4K content and your audio tracks will come through on the connection plug-in. The one downside of the Xbox One is that it doesn’t support 4K. But because Microsoft supports HDMI-in, you can use other devices like set-top boxes with HEVC to access 4K videos instead.

For other music sources, you receive two optical in ports, one digital coaxial in port, and a 3.5mm headset plug.

The console supports various streaming services, including Spotify and Amazon Music. If you need music from your mobile device, you can sync it using WiFi and Bluetooth for an elevated experience. Syncing up is easy with the included NFC capabilities. It only takes one time to pair your phone or tablet for syncing to be a breeze. You ll never want to tap anything again once you ve paired for the first time

Final Thoughts

If you want a high-end sounding audio system, we suggest the Bose Lifestyle series. Many sound systems in this price tier have complex engineering with many components and settings. But they ve made it simple for consumers by simplifying the engineering. The sound is also calibrated with ease, so there s no need for a specialized system that might not work as well if you move it to another room or rearrange your furniture.

Which model of the Bose 600 or 650 should you get: The answer depends on your needs.
If you’re often watching movies by yourself or together with someone else, there will likely be little to no difference between your two models. The speakers of the 650 play in a full 360 degree radius, so that it can be enjoyed by the whole room and not just those sitting in the middle.

Bose won’t necessarily be able to provide an optimal listening experience for listeners who don’t embrace surround sound content.

But for all of you who love watching movies and refuse to sacrifice sound quality.