Top Bose A20 Aviation Headset Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals and Sales in 2021

Bose has been in the aviation headset business for a long time. The company created the first commercial ANR headset back in 1989, and scientists have put their faith into the A20 as one of the best available on today. Black Friday will offer everything at a discount. Don’t forget to take advantage of this opportunity.

In addition, it helps that the company has experience in this field as they’ve got a vast background in specialized sound. That being said, it appears like other companies are playing catchup to them when it comes to the A20 Aviation Headset.

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Noise Cancellation

The A20 is most beneficial in-class at noise cancellation. While any pilot shouldn’t take their ears for granted, it is really pilots who fly day by day who need the most assurance that they are not putting their ears at risk. The A20 may seem to be expensive, but when you need a headset that also functions as an earplug and safeguards your hearing, spending the money is really worth it.

It may take some people a little time to get used to the volume from these, for those who’ve tried them, they find themselves preferring this headset.
Additional rewrite: In trial and error testing, I found that people weren’t getting used to the volume of these headphones as quickly as with other models.

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Sound Quality

Bose offers an impressive set of aviation headsets with three different models to choose from as far as comfort and noise cancellation goes, particularly for sound quality.

The A20 sound system easily delivers a better audio experience than other headsets. As expected, even when you’re communicating with someone over the radio, it’s crisp and clear.


Bose A20 is among the lightest, if not the lightiest aviation headset that you can buy. At 12 ounces (just about 325 grams), it weighs less than many other models on the market. If you ve ever flown with a heavy headset worn for more than an hour at a time, then you know how much lighter your head feels Despite its small size, the A20 provides excellent weight distribution.

While the Bose A20 is lighter and more comfortable than other headsets, it does contain a few too many plastic parts. Though construction continues to be very sound and the A20 can take some abuse, plastic inevitably breaks down over time.

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Battery Life

The battery life of the A20 is 45 hours. Compared to other headsets with in-ear/over-ear options, it has relatively short battery life compared. However, models that can play audio tracks are expensive and don’t offer the quality of noise attenuation that this model does.

Don t misunderstand me, they are excellent aviation headsets, and in some ways comparable to the A20. However, many pilots can t use an on-ear model (Pro-X2), others can t imagine by using a headset without music input (DC One-X). David Clark does not offer any compromises with its headsets, while the Bose A20 has to sacrifice something.

Customer Support

One of the perks of the A20 is that they have a five-year warranty. You would expect customer service to only do basic fixes within this time period, but Bose has been really good about sending out free replacement parts even after your warranty expires.


There are a Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth versions of the A20, and both includes an input for sound.

The control box for the Best Noise Canceling Headphones – Quiet Comfort 20i‎™ Wireless aviation headphones is a helpful tool that can be used during a flight. You can choose to completely turn off all external audio, mix external audio and communications, or mute all external audio when communicating.


Individual pilots are not required to have TSO approved headsets, but those that do could be safe in the fact that the A20 fulfils strict FAA standards and is favoured by many professional pilots.

Bose A20 Aviation Headset is expensive. It’s the priciest headset available to buy. However, this model also includes high-quality noise reduction capabilities, comfortable design and quality audio with Bluetooth