5 Best Blue Yeti Microphone Black Friday Deals and Offers 2021 | Cyber Monday

The era of the home microphone is over, thanks to the invention of the best blue yeti microphone. These high-quality microphones are small enough to fit on your desk, they sound significantly better than any other mic you’ve tried and they don’t require an accompanying preamp Get all Black Friday deals and sales without even going out with our huge round-up list.

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The Blue yeti, a digital USB microphone with retro charm, is much better than its next-gen makeup.

The heavy 50s-style metal construction that houses a flawless, large footprint table stand is the perfect compliment to an ageless design.

The Blue Yeti microphone is reasonably priced at $129.99 (around 100 / AU$180), which makes it a good quality mic for those seeking better than basic equipment.

You can also choose the smaller Nano version for $99.99 (AU$159) if you’re looking to save costs, however this smaller version doesn’t support stereo or bidirectional modes (which means you won’t be able to sit over the table from a guest on your own podcast.)

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The microphone is USB powered and offers access to many of the main recording controls. Features such as an integral gain dial are essential for those who want to record quiet or distant sounds.

Feature include a volume knob for the live-monitoring headphone amp, a mute button to pause recording, and an array of modes that selects between your four operating modes.

The Yeti is not only a great microphone for sound quality, but for its many recording patterns. Although the omni-directional mode was loud and clear as we tested it with multiple patterns, if you want to get the very best out of this microphone, pop-shield would be advisable depending on your needs. The cardioid and bi-

Whether or not that set of features outweighs the Yeti’s one drawback – being tethered to a single mic instead of working with multiple ones – is personal opinion.

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However, an external mixer and the relevant microphones to carry out its stereo function will definitely be more expensive compared to the Yeti.

However, an external mixer and the relevant contact mics to take on its stereo functionality will definitely cost a lot more when compared with the Yeti. In spite of this particular mic being THX-certified