5 Best Bissell Symphony Vacuum Cleaner On Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday

It takes more than just vacuuming to clean a linoleum or tiled floor. Imagine how much grease builds up in your kitchen, for instance.

1. Introduction
2. Best Bissell Symphony vacuum cleaner review
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BISSELL Symphony Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Review

One maintenance cycle consists of sweeping off dirt and then mopping. If you have a vacuum cleaner, vacuuming first with the mop coming last.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could clean the house with just one simple and convenient step?

The Bissell Symphony is a 2-in-1 vacuum and steam mop that works well on tile, linoleum, or other bare floor surfaces.

One of the best perks of this Bissell vacuum is that it costs substantially less than the much ballyhooed Dyson Hard- something I discovered in a cost analysis by Consumer Reports.

The Dyson Hard costs more than $300, while the Symphony costs less than $190.

From hardwood to carpets, this vacuum will clean just about anything.

It is not designed for carpet cleaning so if your home has carpet, you will need to use a separate upright vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning.

Will this hybrid totally replace your traditional mops?

This review of the bissell symphony vacuum has good points and bad points,

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A quick look at the features

The first feature of the Symphony All-in-One Vacuum cleaner is its ability to clean floors. It has no motorized brush so it can’t be used on carpets.

If you are not considering a canister vacuum for your home, I would recommend getting one now.

This machine excels at tackling high-traffic areas like the kitchen, since you can vacuum and mop simultaneously.

However, there is a caveat which you ll find out in the review section.

This vacuum might be best-suited for kitchens, where it will have an opportunity to shine.

Or a hardwood floor when you don’t want to have to sweep and mop separately.

One downside to this machine is that it isn’t cordless. It’s corded and comes with a 25 foot power cord.

Bissell recommends that you use distilled water instead of tap water to prolong the life of your steamer. The minerals in the tap water will wear it out quicker, so if you decide to buy one just make sure to provided a supply of distilled water for it.

In addition to vacuuming and mopping, the strong suction power is able to wipe up most messes on a variety of surfaces

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Bare Floor Performance

The Bissell Symphony is a vacuum and mop in one.

That’s because it can be used on hardwood, linoleum or tiled floors.

In this review, I looked at how the Bissell Symphony performed on vacuuming cereal and mopping ketchup on tile.

This machine can clean messes – great for small spills. It’s not suitable to handle large, liquid-drenched areas.

A microfiber pad inside the tank passes steam to your floors so that it can disinfect and break up stains.

Tips for choosing the right vacuum cleaner.
Bissell Symphony

Filter Cleanup and Maintenance

This machine has two filters, a pre-motor water filter and the clean water rinse of the vacuum.

For your pre-motor foam filter, you may need to clean it after every use if the area is heavily soiled. Always be sure to take a visual check of the filter after each use.

Different users may need to replace the unit sooner or later than six months, depending on usage.

Replacement filters may run you about $15 in Amazon.

Another filter to consider is the water filter, which needs to be replaced when it changes color.

To extend the life of the filter, you can use distilled water. Tap water increases calcium deposits that accumulate in the steam mechanism and clog it.