5 Best of the Bissell SpotClean Black Offer For Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Bissell SpotClean

The Bissell SpotClean Professional portable carpet cleaner is ideal for individuals looking to clean up stains in their home. We, the reviewer, took this product for a trial run and put it on our list of favorites.

Rinse the Bissell SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner off before storing it to remove any water residue—you could risk ruining your machine if you don’t. The brand claims that this compact cleaner can also be used for ridding your car of mud, coffee, or wine stains in the future as well. These Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are great for people looking to save money.

To see if the Bissell SpotClean will be worth spending money on, I put it to the test by seeing how well is worked on various common stains and also a small rug. Here’s my review of its performance.

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Chapter 1: What Is the Bissell Spotclean?
Chapter 2: Are There Benefits to Buying a Bissell Spotclean Over Other Versions of It?
Chapter 3: Which Household Items Can I Use a Bissell Spotclean on?
Chapter 4: Top Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance

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Setup: Just unpack and go

While most full-size carpet cleaners need assembly before you can use them, the Bissell SpotHeat is ready to go right out of the box. Once it comes out of its original packaging and is filled up with warm water, all you have to do is pour in some cleaning solution and select from one of three included heads; then you re good

I like that I didn’t have to mess with various pieces and look for a tool kit before use.

Design: Compact and basic

Unlike other carpet cleaners, the Bissell SpotClean is compact and lightweight at only 13 pounds. One side of the machine has an area to summarize the 22-foot cord, and on the other there’s a caddy where you could find yourself the 5-foot flexible hose. The Bissell spotclean 3/4-gallon clean water tank uses one side of the unit, while the dirty water collection is on the other. It has a very simple design, but its compact size and sleek appearance are convenient features for a portable carpet cleaner.

The SpotClean comes with 2 attachments. The 3-inch attachment is for tougher stains and the 6-inch attachment is for stairs. I find it a little disappointing considering the financial point of view. A number or more heads are easy for them to provide.

I also found the instructions for measuring cleaning solution to be confusing. The Quick Start instructions make it seem as though you use the cap of your water tank to measure out 2 ounces of fluid, but that is not true. The cap is so small and cheaply made that it does not provide a suitable way to measure liquid. Instead, I just used the measuring cup that came with the container of cleaning solution.

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Performance: Ideal for small areas

I chose to see how the SpotClean fared on a small rug that was formerly green and white but had seen better days- it was actually now green and brown as time has passed. There’s no such thing as too clean.

When you want to clean spills and stains as quickly, and with as little hassle as possible, Bissell recommends making use of their spotclean dirt extractor. It was frustrating to scrub a rug with just my hands-especially since I could only do the job half as quickly and well.
background story: best bissell spotclean

The SpotClean boasts impressive carpet cleaning skills, but it can be a double-edged sword.

Some of the benefits are that it will suck up tough stains to make your carpet look new again. However, it’s also possible for all other rugs in your home to get dirty, and with clean spots popping out throughout the surface feel like

The water tank on this carpet cleaner lasted far longer than I had expected.

Stain Removal: Could possibly be better

I initially had high hopes for this carpet cleaner, but it failed to impress me by tackling any of the stains I tried. In order to clean the carpet thoroughly, I allowed the stains to dry before I used a Bissell SpotClean machine.

On top of the vinegar and baking soda, I added a small amount of dishwashing detergent to pre-treat.
Keep in mind that your carpet may be more soiled than mine because ACD is stronger and older stains can accumulate, which means you will have to scrub harder for the best results.

Storage: As easy since it gets

Among the many appealing features of this lightweight carpet cleaner is its small size, which makes it easy to store just about anywhere. You have no problem whatsoever storing the machine on a shelf in your closet or under your sink because you only need to rinse out the dirty water tank and find an electrical cord. There are attachments for vacuum cleaners, but you have to find a place for the attachment that won’t be used.

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Price: Just a little high for limited functionality

The Bissell SpotClean retails for about $140, which isn’t pricey by carpet-cleaning standards, but it certainly can only be utilized for spot cleaning. For example, a few full-size carpet cleaner that cost around $150 works well on full carpets and usually has a hand tool for spot cleaning. Personally, I would favor both of these options if I were looking to spend that much money.

Competition: Bissell includes a carpet cleaner for everybody

As one of Bissell’s most popular carpet cleaners, the ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro is made with pet owners in mind. This full-size vacuum more closely resembles an upright vacuum and can clean large carpets, tackle messes using its spot tool and even do your upholstery with the special 2-in-1 tool.

Although the Bissell’s higher price point of $269 speaks to its greater versatility, it also lacks a few features that may be more important to you. Most notably, The Bissell does not have either odor removal or pet hair removal modes.
If you want to remove only stains from your padded house carpet and remove odors but don’t mind