5 Best Beyerdynamic DT 990 Black Friday & Cyber Monay Sales 2021

Invest in a good pair of headphones and can have great sound, but you may be hesitant because of the high price. This article reviews two sets of headphones, including Focal’s Clear model that may cost up to $1,499. If you’re looking for a more affordable set, listen to our review on Sony MDR-7506. Among the times on this list, that one stands out for not only its sound quality but also its comfort. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones may not be very aesthetically pleasing, but that’s what you get when the focus is on usinng space where your ears need it most to produce sounds of such high fidelity. Get Black Friday deals and sales in every headphone

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What’s Inside

These headphones don’t come with many accessories, but you will get the headbands and a soft travel case.

Build & Design

The ear cups are wrapped in a luxurious, velvety material that is surprisingly soft and comfortable.

You understand how everyone who wears Crocs swear by them? That is an identical situation, although I admit much less hideous. The build of the headphones is almost totally plastic save for the metal band that suspends the ear cups. However, these headphones offer a comfortable fit due to the cushioned headphone padding wrapped in velour. In all seriousness, fitting my ears into these things is like slipping my feet into Crocs (I think I know enough to comment on that). Whatever Beyerdynamic did to…

There are a few downsides worth mentioning. The main issue is the build quality, which might be lackluster for those looking for a long lasting product. Sure, they’re fairly flexible and I had no problem bending them to the desired shape. But if you throw these on your bag and sit on them in the wrong way, I wouldn’t expect them to survive. The earcups don’t fold for easy transport, which is something they may as well have done considering the thin steel headband seems to only be there for form’s sake. It does seem that the pleather wrapping will prevent structural deterioration, though. So although I like the sturdiness and comfort of these, I can’t help feeling like they are a bit too fragile. It seems to me that beyerdynamic dt 990 were designed with open back in mind, rather than desk use.

Open-back headphones typically give you more spatial cues in your music.

My other biggest concern with the build quality may be the music cable. It s a 1m coiled cable that might stretch to longer if necessary, however it s also pretty heavy. More often than not the weight of it almost pulled my phone off my desk because I handled in the wrong way . The left earcup has a handy port for connecting the headphones to an interface, but it is not designed for smartphones or IEMs. The attachment point in the bottom of this earcup does not please me and as there is no substitute connection cable should it wear out or break, you will have to buy a new set.

Whether you’re a specialist or secret goth, black just looks cool

But unfortunately, even though they’re tough, I don’t think I’ll keep these headphones. Beyond their appearance, I really like how they were designed-they’re all-black which has been a plus in my book because black just looks cool to me whether you’re a specialist or just a secret goth. The only thing with color may be the type of headphones (which I can live without, but it’s not a deal breaker), and the gray foam ear pads to their open back design. Again, adding some flashiness to this otherwise minimal design.

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The audio cable is not removable and coiled, which could be a disadvantage.

When it comes to cables, this one is very easy to figure out. You will have a coiled cable with a 3.5mm on one end and an included adapter if you are plugging in high-end equipment. Worth noting is that the cable on this model is rated for 250 ohms so even with my Pixel 2XL, I could listen to music without an amp (thanks to it). The downside was I had to have the audio really maxed out.

Sound Quality

If there is one major flaw in these headphones, it’s their sound quality which is really great and not worth noting since they are priced at a fraction of an average set.

These headphones are crazy comfortable.

The low end is not overblown or super powerful. In fact, they hit the bass hits with a decent amount of emphasis at around 0:39 seconds into CALLS by Jessie Reyez. The low background rumble after the chorus is a rarity, but it doesn’t last long. You still get most of the punch without any of that nasty headache afterwards to take away from your enjoyment.

That lack of depth didn t irritate me in terms of mids, which sounded focused even when the genre changed. This is clear when listening to the song Vanish INSIDE OUR Sleep by Rob Roy, which usually includes a robust bass that disturbs vocals, but not here. The balance of bass was kept so that the vocals are able to flourish themselves. The highs of the headphones were clear and distortion-free at all volume levels. Cymbal hits, etc., in YOU MERELY Live Once by The Strokes had adequate detail and a good amount of presence.

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Though these don’t really emphasize any particular area of sound, they offer a good experience for those looking for headphones.

These headphones aren’t really designed for commuters, but the increased audio detail and comfort may make it worthwhile if you don t need extreme range. It should be mentioned again that these headphones have an impedance of 250 ohms if you actually want to push them. For the reason that many people may not know, this means that a decent amp may not be considered bad; however some phones like the LG V30 already handle it well enough on their own Overall, I can’t recommend