Top 5 Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Cyber Monday Deals in 2021

Getting into the audiophile-grade headphone field could be very intimidating. Not only do prices start to increase when you are looking for headphones that sound as good as Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio, you also have to spend money on outside equipment, such as DACs and amplifiers.

The DT 770 Studio headphones are a great choice for someone who is just beginning to explore the world of audiophiles but don’t want to invest in an expensive pair of studio equipment. And, the lower-cost mostly reflects that.

however, this would only be true if one were looking for an experience from the $159 ( 109 / AU$249) DT 770 Pros without the studio label.

In short, these two headphones are similar in a lot of ways. For those who don’t need the private information printed on their headphones, however, the DT 770 Pro may be preferable for its lower price and almost indistinguishable sound.

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro – Price and availability

At this time the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio are just offered by Guitar Center in america for $199 (about 150 / AU$280). That sadly signifies that the DT 770 Studio is exclusively available in America, but you can buy less expensive Beyerdynamic headphones elsewhere.

And, you can’t speak about the DT 770 Studio without the mention of the DT 770 Pro, which are even in line with the manufacturer itself constructed identically.

In terms of sound quality, the only difference between this and it’s $159 counterpart ( AU$199) is branding aside.

However, there are no functional differences between these headphones and the only difference is price. All current features can be found on both models, so the more expensive pair may not be worthwhile for someone who doesn’t need them or a lot of accessories.


These headphones have big, black frames that give them a classic appearance. These headphones are designed more for the studio.

Disadvantage of the plastic is that they feel a little less durable, but for $30 more (about 20 / AU$60), they could have also been nice seeing an aluminum build. the branding is contained on either of the earcups, reading simply DT 770 Studio together with the impedance rating (the one we reviewed here was 80 Ohms)

However, comfort is of utmost importance. They’re intended for use at home, so they should be comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

For this very competitive price point, the DT 770s are an absolute steal.

The clamping force on these headphones is just strong enough to keep them securely in place without making the brain squirt out of one’s skull. This likely has something to do with the rather substantial padding head each earpad. We’re not totally sure what the filling on these earpads is made of, but the soft velour covering is very comfortable, especially in this brutal New York summer.

The DT 770 Studios come with soft leather padding all over, one of the more comfortable pairs we ve tried. But they can also be removed and replaced in case you damage or dirty them – without having to buy a new pair too!

you re also getting a remarkably resilient 3-meter cable. This thing is very forgiving, therefore you can still move around reasonably well without having to worry about kinking up the cable and snapping it in two. However, the battery cannot be replaced, gauging that if it were to die you would have a hard time without your headphones. At this price point, with such an expensive special edition of these headphones at full-priced and such an affordable version available at reduced prices despite its lack of battery life, I think this could have been avoided.

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Whether you prefer the Studio DT 770 or Pro version, these headphones are a treat to own.

For the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, $159 (109/ AU$249) may not be inexpensive but audio quality is far above expectations in this price range.

We listened to these headphones for one week straight, and they outperformed our expectations time and time again.

However, if you’re primarily looking for powerful bass, these headphones are not the best option. Studio quality sound profile might turn some off. You shouldn’t take this to imply that the bass would be weak on its own, but it won’t necessarily rattle your ears off.

The highs, mids and lows are given equal weight and clarity, so it’s easy to make out everything in even the most chaotic tracks.

This is most appropriate in more ambient tracks, like Julia Holter’s Night Song, which you can’t get with lower quality earbuds.

Even when there is a lot going on in the track, these headphones will enable you to hear everything with clarity. This can be heard best in 100 gecs Money Machine where every sound has been given its own space without distortion. And we recommend it to everyone.

You cannot go wrong if you are a musician that is looking for an affordable couple of headphones that sound incredible. Even if you are simply someone who likes listening to music, these Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio do the trick.

Should I choose the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio?

Buy them if…

You’re a musician looking for budget-friendly headphones.

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio (or pro) is expensive, but it can be worth the price.

You just want some high-quality headphones.

The Beyerdynamic headphones DT 770 Pro and Studio have a remarkably balanced soundstage, meaning they sound good for any sort of music you are listening to. If you re seeking some comfortable headphones which will hear all different sorts of songs, these are likely the ones for you.

You’re looking to step up your audio game

Because of the 80 Ohms of impedance, the headphones sound richest when paired with an external DAC or headphone amplifier (or both). It s relatively much more affordable to buy all this equipment at once than it is individually.

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Don’t get them if…

Sorry, but you do not have an amplifier or a DAC.

The 80 Ohm version of the Beyerdynamic 770 Pro/Studio will focus on a similar sound to your phone or notebook without external driving, but it won’t be the same. This pair is definitely worth its purchase price when you have the required equipment.

The DT 770 Pro’s removable cable

Headphones with removable cables typically last longer. For instance, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studios and DT 770 Pros don’t come with this type of feature because they’re too thin.
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