5 Best BenQ Latest Projector Deals On Black Friday 2021 (Exclusive)

If budget projectors were your expectations (such as those handheld, underpowered pico versions) think again. Today’s home theater projector models, like BenQ W1070 are becoming easier and cheaper to purchase, but are even better and more efficient.
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This model includes 3D, a built-in speaker system, and is nearly small enough to fit in your bag. It is a top-of-the-line 1080p projector that outperforms any of its competition.

One of the few weaknesses with BenQ is that there are no glasses included, so 3D features will not be possible. If you buy two pairs of glasses for $99 each, your total costs are similar to the Epson 3020, with comparable 2D and 3D displays.

Want a crystal clear 720-pixel picture but don’t want to spend our entire wallet just for it? The BenQ is the perfect fit.

4. What is the benq 500 watt projector special about?
5. How to care for your power cord and other cords
6. General Tips for keeping your home cinema clean

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Though many projectors adopt a space-age look, the BenQ W1070 contains a touch of the boardroom to it. Unlike with a TV, most people are looking at something from a projector rather than at it so its design shouldn’t matter as much The projector is an off-white and silver model. Its dimensions are 12.28 inches across, 4 inches high, and 9.61 inches deep