5 Best Beats X Earphone Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The BeatsX wireless earbuds still offer a lot of great features for somebody who wants to go without the Apple AirPods.

Most of the go-to Beats headphones are in over-ear or on-ear headphone or true wireless form factors, but the newer model is different.

Unexpectedly, the company’s newest concept pairs affordable and portable wireless neckbuds with an array of music-playing features. Find your favorite products on sale in the Black Friday Deals.

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BeatsX earphones, although they are somewhat different than previous Beats headphones, borrow a significant amount from their predecessors. For instance, the headphones come with an untangled cable and compatibility with most iOS devices. It is true that they compete with other similarly priced headphones from major brands, but they carve out their own niche by offering a balance of sound.

On their release in 2017, the Beats X had some tricks up its sleeve not offered by other headsets from Apple or Beats by Dre.

This extra feature means that your brand-new buds will typically last up to two hours with a single 5-minute charge, and Apple’s W1 wireless chip (this chip replaced the H1 in AirPods Pro). We have a lot more to share about the W1 Bluetooth chip and its performance in our review below, but we want to highlight one of key features: it made the battery life for the BeatsX better than ever before.

Price and availability

Another long-time trend has been the pricing of in-ear headphones. The BeatsX aren’t inexpensive, but we believe that they are worth every penny.

Brands including Sennheiser and Beats make wireless earbuds that are much cheaper than the Powerbeats Pro.

The new BeatsX product is now out for 2 years and the price has been lowered to $99. The original price was around $150. Now that it’s getting closer to Black Friday, the prices are going down even more so you may be able to find them under $100.


For the past few months, in-ear headphones have come in three primary designs. They may either be wired and connect to your 3.5mm earbuds jack; fully wireless ear buds that hook up one to the other through Bluetooth; or two wireless devices linked by a cable that rests behind your neck. The BeatsX fall under this category.

While there is always a chance that this style of earbud can get cut off while the user is on the move, it does have some important benefits. Firstly, as they are harder to lose, there is less chance of your device going through an expensive replacement purchase in case something happens to them.
One side effect of this design may be One of the second advantages is that there’s a wire connecting your two earpieces, which provides space for in-line controls and power, meaning you go longer between charges than you would without one.

Included inline controls below are how we like them: basic and effective. You can use the buttons to raise and lower the volume, pause music, skip tracks or rewind. There is an in-line microphone that you may use for calls which we will touch on later in the review.

If you are concerned about the feel of a cable, don’t worry – the BeatsX is one of the most comfortable wireless earphones we’ve ever worn. The flat cable conforms to your neck and doesn’t block your ears.

The solution for staying comfortable with BeatsX is to carry the weight in the thickest cable, which hangs around your neck and together with two more thin wires connecting the earbuds. This way you feel that they are not going to fall off. Apple includes four sets of eartips and two pairs of silicone wings with each set, to allow users the option of an ear canal or over-the-ear fit.

One you take the BeatsX to the gym, you don’t need to worry about the headphones getting wet. The magnetic earbuds snap in place when they re not within your ears, preventing the wires from getting tangled.

There are four color options for BeatsX headphones: Black, White, Grey and Blue. We predict that more users will choose the darker colors (i.e., Black) because they re less likely to get dirty while traveling in a gym bag.

As far as design goes, the BeatsX have three advantages over traditional AirPods. First of all, they are much more durable than Apple’s old earbuds and do not require an individual charger. Likewise, the four different sized eartips allow you to find your perfect fit whereas AirPod offer only one size.

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Give us a call whatever name you prefer cheap, frugal, thrifty but don’t expect great sound quality from this $149 pair of headphones. Although the BeatsX hits two out of three notes (price and tonal balance), it’s still not perfect for the purchase price.

However before we hammer home where BeatsX go off-key, let’s give attention to the high notes. The sound quality is really relatively clear for a set of in-ear drivers. You won’t find shimmering highs and sparkling midranges here, however the sound is definitely not flat or hissy. What was most surprising about these headphones is the balance Apple achieved with its mids, highs and lows. Highs and lows might have been much more pronounced than they are, but we never thought we would live to see a Beats couple of earphones taking the center ground.

While the phone does a good job of blocking out background noise, it doesn’t do an amazing job. It’s not terrible, but we would like to see better passive noise-cancellation.

That said, at least the BeatsX earphones don’t leak sound. Despite playing music at an ear-damagingly high volume, nobody in the car was any wiser to what guilty pleasure music we were listening to right then. “Written originally for the Whiplash movie soundtrack, these notes have generated percussionists and music we love to hear.”

If you want heavy bass, though, and we can’t believe we’re saying this, you won’t think it is on these couple of Beats by Avicii was relatively tame while Little Black Submarine by The Black Keys lacked that punch and panache. Listening to music on a low-quality headset is an unpleasant experience. But those used to listening with quality earphones might be disappointed by these changes.

what would we liked though was that it is not as clear. Nothing sounded dull or drab, but there is a definite insufficient energy here. In conditions of quality, we would put them right alongside the Klipsch Reference X6i, a good headphone from 2016.

As we mentioned in the introduction, BeatsX are also surprisingly receptive to calls. We found it easy enough to take a call and engage Siri by simply going through the in-line remote once. For those who don’t care about my blatherings or want info on what’s happening outdoors, just two clicks will redirect your attention away from me ( Out of the 6 participants, we sound clearer on all the BeatsX headphones than we did with the in-built microphone for my iPhone SE.

W1 Chip and battery life

While we re not a huge fan of Apple s tendency to introduce strange, new, proprietary technology (cough, Lightning Cables, cough), the BeatsX are one of the brands new W1 Chip creations that we do have some fondness for. The brains behind these wireless headphones is undoubtedly this chip. The headset seamlessly syncs up to iOS devices, preserving your battery life.

Pairing the BeatsX can be straightforward, but it s only half of the management. Next to your iPhone , you ll need to select whether or not this is on behalf of an unpaired brand new set or if you are making inroads for a pre-paired product by just clicking as Yes.
Truth remains that whichever approach is picked

It was unresponsive on our older Macbook Pro.

For Android users used to pairing their device with the NFC chip, this is nothing new. But for iOS users who are accustomed to using headphones that don’t always work, it’s great to enjoy the improved features of the W1 Chip.

Which external charger is best for the iPhone with a longer battery life? At this point, our testing shows that it lasts for slightly longer than the eight hours rated by Apple.

The headphones include Quick Charge, a feature that works specifically and needlessly to say, providing roughly 25% of charge in 5 minutes or less. However, you are forced to use Lightning cable instead of more universal USB-C because these headphones now use Lightning cables rather than the previous on button for charging. Another downside is that you must keep your own

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We liked

I would never label Apple AirPods as stylish, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they’ve become to wear. The 8-hour battery life ensures longer listening sessions, while the 25% charge can be restored in a matter of minutes

We disliked

An ideal sound quality is hard to come by, but this Beats headphone does not deliver. It still makes a decent choice for the cost, though there are alternatives with higher budgets that provide superior sound quality. The one downside of this set, though it is a minor one, is that the headphones don t completely shut off external noise. The pack doesn t come with an adapter for Android or Windows Phones either so those users will need to purchase their own charging cable.

Final verdict

The BeatsX offers a versatile option for those who want to shop with one earbud.

It will resonate with the workout crowd for a decent, lightweight in-ears without any major compromises in sound quality.

But first, and more surprisingly, the headphones may also appeal to your standard music listener. There are a few apparent problems with sealing out noise here, but those aren t unforgivable considering a decent trade-off regarding battery life and excellent iOS integration.

The BeatsX are the perfect earphones if you’re looking for a no-fuss couple of earbuds and don’t mind spending some money.