Top 5 Beats Studio 2 Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Although oftentimes the subject of scrutiny, you can’t argue with Beats By Dre’s influence across the audio industry ever since introducing their first product in 2008.

In the last couple of years, the brand has undergone a few changes. Partnerships with phone, car and laptop manufacturers have come and gone; products include a streaming service in America now; and worse of all, Apple acquired the company for billions!

Perhaps the most interesting is the headphones’ new sound; a bass heavy character that made the original Studio beats bad among audiophiles, if they were introduced about 7 years ago.

Chapter One – Get in the know
Chapter Two- The Perks of Studio Headphones. These days, a pair of headphones is ubiquitous with many people carrying them on their commute, to and from work, and even simply for leisure time. When it comes to pro monitoring quality or DJing, the headphone’s ability to accurately reproduce sound make it.
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Design and build

The design of the new Beats Studio 2 headphones is an evolution from the older models, with some sleeker edges and a focus on finer detail. They are also still available in a variety of colors, with the iconic B logo emblazoned on each earcup.

The old models felt a little bulky, but they were lighter and the portable design made them a fairly easy to carry companion. A case is included, with two detachable cables; one with, and one without inline controls.

One distinguishing feature may be the rechargeable battery that allows for up to 20 hours of active noise cancellation. Although this is less than other brands, it should provide enough charge for some situations.

The auto-off feature is a great backup when the cable comes out accidentally.
However, since it requires you to eliminate the headphone cable from the headphones at the earcup something we wouldn t usually do that is perhaps only as convenient as remembering to presser the power button, it is not quite as simple and straightforward.

The earpads are a comfortable fit, stopping any sense of clamping and leaving you feeling relaxed. The headband could use better padding as opposed to its rubberized finish, which can become bothersome during longer listening sessions.

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Noise cancellation

In contrast to the Beats Studio’s noise cancellation functions, which are sufficient but not as impressive as those of its rivals (like Bose QC25s),

Playing louder music does a good job of lowering background noise levels, but it can’t silence more delicate tracks.

If you’re a fan of classical music, there is one more thing to keep in mind when using the Beats Studio 2 headphones. Even with the ANC option activated, they have a not insignificant hiss. It’s barely noticeable with livelier tracks, but turns up on quieter and more subtle recordings.


The Beats Studio headphones have made a change in tone (character) but this has not taken away from the sound that gives the best quality for pop, hip-hop or rock styles.

These headphones are an exciting, upfront listen that can bring some serious volume to your ears. The bass has been refined so it is more balanced in the frequency range, rather than dominating the midrange or being heavy-handed in the mix.

Anyone looking for a neutral pair of headphones will find there is still some bass here, but the balance of frequencies sounds better than before, providing full body and engaging sound.

The midrange is clear and open, and the treble is crisp without sounding harsh. Even when given a complex rhythm, there’s an excellent degree of agility and fluidity on show. The large scale dynamics are portrayed confidently by these headphones. Expression in sound is also shown to great effect with these earphones

Though vocals could have a more pronounced depth and subtlety, quieter moments of music don’t sound nearly as good.


The Beats Studios are finally a street-friendly, as opposed to educational, design. The fine details have been softened and the overly analytical thinking has been traded for a more subjective process.

We can’t argue with that it’s a clever tactic that will aid these headphones well. We’d just like to visit a touch more refinement and detail, in order to travel do.