5 Best Beats Pill Speaker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

One of the latest Bluetooth speaker models which I reviewed is among the most popular, available for $199.

Yet, despite a few glitches best buy beats by dre review it has some strong features such as its striking design (thanks to its size), the inclusion of tap-to-pair NFC compatibility for smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 that support near-field communication and AptX technology, which make it set apart.
It is also a

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2. What is a Pill?
3. Benefits of Beats Pills
4. How to Use The Pill?
5. Tips for The Beats Pill or Other Music Playing Devices?

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Overall, I came across the 10.9-ounce Pill, which will come in three colors (black, red, white) to be among the best-designed mini lightweight Bluetooth speakers out there. It s slightly bigger and heavier compared to the Jambox and I liked its cylindrical condition it fits nicely at hand. It contains a wonderful travel case, which is quite large for day to day use.

The base of the machine is rubberized to keep it from jostling when you crank up the volume and turn on a loud track. In my own tests, how ever, it stayed stationary at higher volumes.


Integrated speakerphone that pauses music playback on audio notification

I have tried this tap-to-pair NFC feature with a Samsung Galaxy S3

For the marketing hype of Apt-X technology, it’s likely to enhance audio fidelity. However, I could not tell a difference in sound quality during my personal experiment with streaming from an S3 Galaxy with Apt-X enabled and the iPhone 4S that does not have this technological capability.

A standout feature of the Pill is its wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. It can play music from an external device via a USB connector and offers both an input to allow for non-Bluetooth devices, as well as an output for wirelessly streaming it through other speakers. The best-sounding speaker ever made without any wires?

These new wireless speakers from Beats Pill promise to revolutionize the industry. Don’t believe us? Take a closer look at what the Pill can do:
• Connect wirelessly with your computer or smartphone to stream music and hook up it to sound system for better sound quality Essentially, the Pill works very well as a Bluetooth speaker. I’m uncertain how many people will work with this function since that is primarily what it’s for; nevertheless, there might be some appeal.

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From a sound perspective, the Pill is comparatively quite decent. It will play very loud because of its size and will be offering relatively detailed sound (notice the consumption of the term “relatively”) with respectable bass weighed against other tiny speakers in its class. You can enhance that bass a lttle bit by moving the speaker nearer to a wall or stick it in a corner which means you get some reflection.

It has a clearer sound than its competitors and gets louder. Speakerphone performance was also good.

Even though it’s praised, the Pill has its limitations. For one thing you only get a small number of channels so that it rolls off the low end and such as a large amount of these tiny speakers it’s at its best with lighter fare and acoustic material.

In my baseline testing, I also evaluated the audio quality of the Pill by comparing it to a range of speakers that are traditionally used in gaming and video playback.
. The sound was good at a distance of 2-3 feet or when connected to a laptop or desktop computer. When used with an iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the speaker was suitable for watching movies.

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Battery life was acceptable, not great. I acquired around 6 hours at muted volume levels. That is more likely to be achievable by lowering the volume or worse if you crank it really high.

One of the main performance strikes I encountered was that it sometimes cut out when I used it with my iPhone 4S. It had disconnected on me several times with my phone and, in general, the connection was unstable. After resetting my phone, it’s gotten better but still has problems. I think this may have happened because when Apple upgraded their Bluetooth profile to the latest version in iOS 6 they inadvertently created a bug (manufacturers might be forced to upgrade their firmware). Hopefully, this matter will be corrected by firmware updates or iOS upgrades.

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The Pill has a lot to offer, though it also has some drawbacks. The Pill includes an attractive design, sounds like its stronger than certain competing products, is complete with its set of features, as well as comes with a handy travel case which can be nice. However, I experienced some hiccups while using my iPhone 4S as the playback device. This may be an Apple software issue (my LG G3 worked just fine), so it is not fair to blame Beats. Nonetheless, it was still mildly worrisome.

Ultimately, my big problem with this product is that it is overpriced at $199.99. There are other Bluetooth mini speakers out there now for half the price, and they are a better deal (for example – The JBL FLip). It’s also worth noting that the UE Boom is a quality product for $199. It sports more impressive sound with its water-resistant design and better battery life than the Beats Pill 2.0