5 Best Beats By Dre Studio 2.0 Cyber Monday 2021 Deals 2021

Rising to success in 2008, Beats By Dr. Dre headphones have played an important role in the industry despite some controversy surrounding them.

In the last few years, Apple’s quality has fluctuated. There have been partnerships with cellphone manufacturers, car companies and computer makers in addition to a streaming service in America, not to mention the brand’s multi-billion dollar sale to Apple.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Studio 2.0 design is how Beats has addressed the criticism that many audiophiles had about their initial release in 2009 with overly boosted bass frequencies, which gave them bad sound quality.

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Design and build

The design is still inherently Beats, albeit slightly slimmer and more polished. They are still sizable headphones that have become available in a variety of colors with an iconic ‘B’ logo on each ear cup.

To go alongside the larger, 3.5mm jack centric build that arrived with the Beats Studio when it was announced back in November of 2011, Beats have now launched a refreshed version packing many outstanding features. The first notable feature is its lightweight and foldable design which makes it much more portable than before, arriving with a protective case to stow

The Studio 2.0 speaker also includes the ability to recharge its battery through a microUSB port, which will provide playback for up to 20 hours of active noise cancellation.

The auto-off function helps to prevent you from running the batteries down accidentally. However, since it requires an adjustment for a cable that’s not usually included with the headphones, then it may not be as readily available or usable as usual.

The headband could use more padding, which can make your ears uncomfortable or sore after long listening sessions.

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Noise cancellation

The Beats Studio is one of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market but it isn’t as good as Bose’s QC25 model.

When you want to play music with some depth, background noise becomes less noticeable and any additional soundtracks are not as easy to hear.

If you listen to a lot of classical music with Beats 2.0, you may notice some hiss if the noise canceling ANC is on.


Although these headphones are different then they used to be, beats by dre studio 2 0 still deliver well for popular music types such as pop, hip-hop and rock.

Getting the best sound when listening to music is not an easy task. While some people have different opinions on their favorite type of headphones, you will always find Beats by Dre studio 2 0 as among the top brands when it comes to sound quality.
This set also has a cleaner and more accurate bass that still sounds powerful without taking over or sounding heavy

These headphones sound better than previous models.

The midrange is clear and open, and the treble is crisp without sounding hard. Large scale dynamic shifts are confidently portrayed with expression.

Vocals appear to have more depth and subtlety, but are sometimes lost in the mix.

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With the Beats Studios headphones, Dr. Dre finally produced a pair that has an approachable personality instead of being strictly critical or analytical.

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