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There are many reasons for the popularity of wireless headphones; one is that you don’t have to plug them in. Still, there will be those who strictly prefer a wired headphone experience. One of the most attractive qualities of this microphone is the quality of its sound.

Wireless technology can’t stream quality sound to the levels of true audiophiles without costing a lot of money. While wired audio may provide the cheapest route into high-quality playback, even that option is generally very expensive.

There are still some demands for a more minimalist set of features with the same sound quality. Audio-Technica takes on this challenge with their ATH-MSR7 model, which offers superior sound at an affordable price. This headphones also boasts good comfort and outstanding performance, while managing to retain its simplicity in design as well.

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Audio-Technica s ATH-MSR7 are fancy headphones for everyday wear. The earmuff style will remain completely effective, but many details of the set have a modern touch.

Thick padded headband with tanned leather for durability and comfort

The long, slim metal pieces contrast the leatherette in a smooth transition. The headset is fully adjustable with a nine notch range to ensure a perfect fit for the wearer.

Moving down, the earcup hinge of this pleasant looking headphone is made from flexible plastic. On each side, laser-etched metal pieces indicate Left and Right on them.

These hinges offer smooth gliding action for a generous 90 degrees of freedom. Full spectrum playback is possible in these headphones without having to fold them up, which makes them a little less portable.

Harnesses are metal in the hinges and plastic on the earcups. The Audio-Technica logo is embossed on the outsides and looks pretty good.

Design nerds will like the many shapes, colors and angles Audio-Technica experimented with on these earcups. These headphones are more than just safe – they’re beautiful to look at!

The MSR7 comes stocked in a sizeable box filled with goodies. First, you will discover a soft leatherette bag to carry it around in. This much-appreciated addition could keep the MSR7 scratch-free for some time.

The main 3.5mm cable I used during testing was a 3.9-foot cable with inline controls, as it best aligned with my listening habits—you can also find two other cables in the box: a 3.9-foot cable without inline controls and a 9.8-foot long one just in case you want to listen from

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The MSR7 is everything I wanted in a set of cans. Its True Motion drivers have outperformed anything I’ve thrown at them, and they look the part while doing it too.

Going to louder spaces? Worried about your listening experience with the MSR7? Fear not, because closed-back design of the cups and dense leatherette in the earpads create a quiet environment right where you need it. It was amazing to have music being directed right at my ears, without any outside noises getting in the way.

One of the few drawbacks are that if you have a smaller head than average like me, you will have to be really careful when adjusting them because they can hurt your ears.

The sound quality is always balanced, with bass that packs a punch and treble that is delicate enough to match the mood of calmer songs.

When I first listened to these headphones, I was hooked by their expansive and engrossing soundstage. The MSR7 offers something special: the sounds flowing through it never overlap one another because of its closed-back design. From the higher bass to the sharp and clear imaging in between, each layer of sound quality reveals details I hadn’t heard before.

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Final verdict

Serious listeners that are also bargain shoppers should be aware of the Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones, which although expensive, offer enough superiorities to make up for it. Though not a negative, I would like to knock Audio-Technica for having less inline volume controls.

This cannot be emphasized enough-the significant sound quality is worth the extremely tight fit of the ear cups. The performance and look are above average, making it a worthwhile purchase for music lovers.