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The Audio Technica AT2020 is a condenser microphone with an individual cardioid pattern and excellent price. Nonetheless, it is not without its faults. The price and sound quality are great, but an amateur must be aware that there are more steps needed to provide sound into your computer when compared with a simple plug-and-play microphone. The microphone is mainly for voiceover and podcasting with audio that’s clear and not too tinny.

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The At2020 does not come with a USB cable, which is essential for plugging into computer. The machine includes only the microphone stand adapter and a pencil-pouch-like leather carrying case that barely fits anything besides the mic itself.

The input text provides background story about an audio technica at2020, but misses any details about product The microphone includes a stand, cables, and all the equipment necessary to start broadcasting.

one more potential problem is the extra equipment that is needed, which leads to a few problems. if you aren’t intimately acquainted with the world of professional audio technology, it might be easy to end up in possession of wrong cables or an incompatible mixer. The 2020 requires an XLR cable and a phantom power. If this sounds intimidating, it’s not the mic for you personally. You’ll need a mixing board or a voice recorder accepting XLR input. I d guess it s a lot more complicated when compared to a USB mic. If this wasn t clear, I apologize.

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From the moment you take it out of its packaging, it becomes apparent that this isn t intended for those who plan to stream right away. You can find a low-cost mic stand at just about any store, but if you’re serious about sound production, you’ll need to think it through more. But the stand is little more than a cylindrical tripod that you can easily knock over if not careful. It costs an extra $50 at this price, and considering most USB solutions come with stands already, it s hard to justify the purchase.

For these three mics there is no comparison. The A2020 is a typical, front-facing microphone.

The AT2020 sounds better than a USB mic and captures voices more accurately. It’s specifically what you’ll find from a professional microphone. But there are diminishing returns. A USB mic sounds excellent for nearly all non-professional applications, without all of the extra setup and equipment. The 2020 AT offers you good quality recordings, which include the flexibility of a complete other little bit of recording equipment.

There are two sets of potential customers this mic is for. If you’re looking to stream video games on services like Twitch or YouTube, it’s worth paying a premium to pick up the Razer Seiren Elite. And if you are recording podcasts or voiceovers, the Audio-Technica 2020 will get most people sufficient performance for their needs. There are a number of sound quality solutions that can be plugged in to the computer. If you’re looking for inexpensive and simple plug-in, then the Blue Yeti USB mic is what you want. The quality afforded by the AT2020 will mostly be appreciated only by audiophiles and podcasters, but also for voice streaming this microphone’s boosted definition may not even be noticeable.

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What’s impressive about the AT2020 is its ability to produce high quality audio, but it also requires more parts to get things up and running when compared to a USB mic.
For individuals who are really serious about capturing great digital audio tracks, this might not be as big of an issue. However, given the limitations of streaming, you may On the other hand, with just $25 left in your budget you might be able to get a microphone.