5 Best Asus MG28UQ Monitor Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Our Verdict

The MG28UQ is an excellent monitor for when you are running on a tight budget, but don’t need FreeSync functionality.

If the MG28UQ is your *one and only* display option, know that you will not be able to take full advantage of its potential without buying a newer video card (or using one from

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This street to affordable Ultra HD gaming is long. 3 years ago, astronomical monitor prices made it hard for most people to buy monitors. Unfortunately, parents may still be unable to afford these displays. And do not come equipped with all the bells and whistles that gamers need to support their high-end rigs.

Gaming with a good graphics card is more affordable than in the past. There are many excellent gaming monitors out there as well. There are many options for monitors under $1000. The monitor should have good color accuracy, a reasonably fast response time and low latency. Most importantly the monitor needs to be adaptive refresh-enabled.

When we test three 28-inch TN category gaming monitors, we find that the Asus MG28UQ is worthy among them. Recently, we evaluated AOC’s U2879VF and found it offers great value and excellent performance. Today, we’re testing the ASUS MG28UQ inside our lab.

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Our game-centric display right? FreeSync can’t be missing from these specs, because it just wouldn’t make any sense! Their packaging is nowhere to be found and even Asus.com says this monitor is locked at 60Hz maximum refresh rates. Are manufacturers of monitors adapting refresh rates commonplace?

The MG28UQ is equipped with the DisplayPort firmware needed to enable adaptive sync at framerates between 40 and 60Hz. Keep in mind, though, that LFC will not be enabled once your framerate falls below 40 fps. Although we don’t think about this as a limitation due to the fact games aren’t much fun to play below that speed, FreeSync or not.

Gaming features aside, Asus is an excellent option for people who might not be interested in spending over $500. The MG-series of monitors comes with a comparable build and stand, as well as blur reduction though it lacks the “Republic of Gamers” branding found on higher-end displays.

The monitor includes a flicker-free backlight, 10-bit color with FRC and an HDMI 2.0 input The MG278Q features a high-performance 1440p Widescreen with QHD (2560 x 1440), giving your games and movies the room to play.