5 Best Arozzi Gaming Desk Deals On Cyber Monday 2021

The desk needs to be large enough for all your equipment, sturdy enough to not sag or bend and includes some form of cable management system.

an excellent gaming desk must possess all of those attributes and some more. It has to be adjustable so it is comfortable for you, as well as must have a healthy ergonomic setting that enables you to sit near your screen without having to develop a hunchback.

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With that in mind, the arena spectrum desk by Arozzi is a great alternative. I would highly recommend this one because not only does it have all of the features discussed above but there are even more!

Today, we might dive in to the nitty-gritty. We ll browse the specs, which kind of material it s crafted from, and by the finish of this document, you should be built with enough knowledge to decide for yourself whether that is worth a purchase.

1. Table of Contents
2. Introduction
3. Benefits of an Arozzi Gaming Desk over Traditional Desks for Gaming
4. How to Choose the Height and Size for Your Cell Phone, Laptop, or Tablet

Arozzi Arena Adjustable Games Desk: The Deets

This desktop can hold all types of gaming setups with a giant 14 square foot surface. The desk includes three monitors and lots of storage space. It offers the space to push all desk tools and equipment with ease.

The table is wider than most, at 5 feet 3 inches across and with a depth of 2 feet 8 inches. It has generous space for at least three monitors or a desk chair—and the extra width accommodates your mouse and keyboard without feeling cramped.
The Depth
however it’s also the table that curves contours to

The table is made from solid steel legs that are linked to the frame in the wooden board. The table also has three pre-drilled holes for wire management. The top pad is made of microfiber.

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The Surface

There are many features of this desk, but the key one is the mouse pad that comes with it.

The included AROZZI mousepad is the only one you will ever need.

I’ll let you know who might have the answer: someone who knows about desk space.

Yes. You read that correctly.

This Arozzi desk includes a mouse pad-like surface and is made from equipment washable material that’s water resistant.

The pad won’t budge since it weighs around seven pounds and has a non-slip surface area underneath.


You’ll notice that the curve of this desk conforms to your seating posture, so you can remain in a comfortable position while gaming.

Another great function is the ability to change the height of this desk. The desk can be adjusted from 27.9 inches to 31.9 inches high, which may help with some designs that require a higher table top than usual

Cable Management

Cable management is a well-considered feature of this desk. Holes are pre-cut, and nets are built into the desk.

Being Picky

The Arozzi is not without its flaws; it takes up more space than the average desk, and some of the instructions are confusing for those unfamiliar with assembling furniture.
But by far the most obvious flaw in this product is delivered one-star customer reviews indicating that there may be an issue with sturdiness.

One fault I noticed with it is how quickly the mousepad gets dirty.

Removing and cleaning a qck xt solid no-slip hard surface gaming mouse pad can be cumbersome. The dark colors may not show dirt as clearly, but on lighter colors this becomes more of a concern.

Though the table is adjustable, it’s not enough for some users.

Other than those two things, there really aren’t many negatives to this desk.

Is This much?

Researching the other options is helpful before asking for someone’s opinion.

Losing in a single player FIFA match is always a disappointing affair, but when your opponent also defeated you with an inferior gaming table by comparison, it just salt’s the wound.

Arozzi’s rival is DXRacer, which manufactures the DX RACER Gaming Desk.

The Arozzi is more expensive, but it has a much bigger surface area and better cable management.

The Arozzi desk can double as a mouse pad.

For that reason, I would recommend the Arozzi.

If you game often and also have the space, this is a great choice. It should last you some time.

The Brand

A retailer based in Sweden, Arozzi’s primary products are gaming desks and furniture. They were founded in 2013 and have become highly popular for their quality work with a wide selection of customers.

One of the key focuses for this company is ergonomic chairs and desks.

The ergonomic design of their state-of-the-art gaming chairs is inspired by championship motorsports athletes, who must be seated for hours at a time.

With decades of knowledge about the best seating options for competition car drivers, they created chairs and desks that offer support in all the right places.

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Arozzi Arena Gaming Table – Black

SUMMARY and the Verdict: 9.5/10

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is a beast of an office desk. It’s capable of supporting the heaviest and largest gaming setups you can possibly imagine, and it looks incredible while doing so.

Getting a reliable desk is important if you need use of more than one monitor.

Sitting at its sheer size and the first-class wire management program, it is an absolute product you would not regret buying. In addition to that, the desk can be a mouse pad as well which is just brilliant.

Besides the ultimate ergonomic surface, this desk has a curved top that provides an excellent view without any obstruction.

As we said previously, it might be great if the table could raise a lot more than a few inches in height. Nevertheless, it would be better still if you didn t need to modify the height manually.

There’s no doubt about it; that video games desk would be a good choice. But if you need more help in finding the best gaming table, then look at our