5 Best Anki Overdrive Toys Deals On Black Friday 2021

The Anki Overdrive racing system is one of the most well-known high tech toys because it offers addictive fun for both adults and children, and is infinitely expandable via new tracks and cars.

Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition features tiny app-controlled cars from the popular action movie franchise, Nascar, and more to challenge you if desired. Although the Fast & Furious Edition isn’t cheap at $169, it is worth the extra cost!

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How it works

The Fast & Furious Edition includes 10 magnetic track pieces, a number of guardrails, a charger and two small racing cars. Included in this package are two vehicles straight from The Fate of the Furious: Dom’s ice Plymouth Charger and Hobbs International MXT truck.

Now that we have our Anki Overdrive, it’s time to download the Fleet World set of challenges. The software can be installed on mobile devices, and through the Amazon store for Kindle devices.

This game consists of several different sets of tracks with magnets on either end. You use your phone to control it and compete against computer-driven characters or friends and family who have the same application installed.

You control the vehicles with a tilt of your phone. You accelerate by holding down an accelerator pedal and change lanes by tilting your mobile device. You cannot get into reverse or turn around to go in the opposite direction. As you’re driving and come up on a corner, it’s important to start braking well before the turn is complete.

Racing against the Fast & Furious crew

One of the key differences between Anki Overdrive and this Fast & Furious Edition is that you can race against a few of the film series’ characters: Dom (Vin Diesel), Hobbs (The Rock), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) or Tej (Ludacris).

According to Anki, this game had been recorded with celebrities from the Fast & Furious franchise. For example, when Hobbs is in prison he tells his cellmate that “I ll escape here the proper way.” Later in the movie, we hear his cell mate repeating this same line. In other cases a character may say something again and again within the same race.

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The tracks

The set includes ten Fast and the Furious-themed tracks, in addition to four straight pieces and six curve pieces. The strong magnets and simple snap-together construction make Anki tracks the easiest to use for children. My son was able to build his own set of tracks by age 4.

This track set includes eight road types, ranging from simple ovals to more technical figure 8 shapes. You can incorporate them with any Anki Overdrive track you like, including accessories available for purchase. One option is the $29 Collision Kit which consists of a four-way intersection and the $29 Launch Kit that lets your car jump over a

Among the straight pieces, one provides the starting line while a different furnishes Power Zone – an F&F symbol that has your opponent’s car hacked if you drive over it and their vehicle is in reach of yours. This glitch is intended to mirror a scene in the movie where Charlize Theron’s character uses her computer skills to dominate cars. However, in general game-play, this glitch only means that if your opponent’s car stops for just two seconds; you don’t get control of the other vehicle and do not gain points if there is a battle race

The motors in the Fast & Furious cars actually became faster than those that come with the original kit, so Anki included 12 guardrails to prevent your vehicles from going off-track. Even though this doesn t happen often at home, when I play the initial version of Anki Overdrive, my car occasionally veers off a section of track The standard Anki Overdrive set does not include guard-rails, though you can purchase a box of these for $9.99 if desired

Game modes

The Fast & Furious Edition of Anki Overdrive lets you replay as an individual or a multiplayer. Single players can select Campaign mode, where they move to more challenging levels by racing computer characters one-on-one, or Open Play, where they choose the type of race and opponents that suit them. The overdrive is a multiplayer game that can only support up to four players per game when you are also using friends.

Campaign Mode
In Campaign mode, you compete against the four Fast and Furious characters: Dom, Hobbs, Letty and Tej. Once you beat Tej, you move to a new chapter with a fresh set of computer opponents who have nothing to do with the Fast and Furious movies. The police officer is Fuzz.

The six types of races you can choose from in Open Player mode: Race, Battle, Takeover, Time Trial, Battle Race and King of the Hill. In Race mode for example it’s all about outrunning your opponent to be in first place. Battle is a competitive mode in which the first player to reach a specific number of points wins.

The purpose of a battle race is to be the first contestant to complete their lap, and you can slow your opponents down by shooting them. WITH TIME Trial, each contestant drives one at a time on the track, and then the main winner according to fastest times comes out victorious. An Anki Overdrive race awards points to the driver who remains king; you are king by shooting the player who gets the crown. Finally, assuming you have among Anki s Supertrucks, that can be done a Takeover Race, where each player tries to get control of the truck by shooting it. Players can potentially take opponents out after they have control.

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Racing experience

Racing around the track is fun, however I really got into it when we had to battle with weapons and focus on our opponent. For a fan of Fast & Furious, racing cars from the film franchise was great! The opportunity to unlock new weapons or earn virtual currency for car upgrades kept me wanting to play the game in order to see what else I could unlock.

One way to take out your opponents in a national non-battle race is by using an energy Zone.
However, the effect of this attack only lasts for another three seconds.