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One of the most popular cooking appliances are electric pressure cookers and air fryers. Black Friday air fryers sales are on now.

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I didn’t really approve of the air fryer hype at first. I understood why people like them, but for me they never seemed to work out with my schedule. I enjoy using an oven to cook my french fries most days of the week, so why would I make use of a countertop cooker when they could just as easily do 80% of what an air fryer can.

Now, I was certainly still curious. So this year I finally made an effort one out. For the past 8 weeks I ve been cooking with it from dinner dishes to quick snacks and here is what I think about it so far

What Is An Air flow Fryer, Anyway?

These devices are shaped like a microwave oven, take up 18 inches by 15 inches of countertop space and cost $70 to $200.

## I tested the Dark and Decker air fryer, a model with two-liters of capacity.

Does the Air flow Fryer Make Food Better?

Among the claims about this fryer is that it consumes less oil than other fryers, yet produces similar flavor and texture to deep frying. It’s also hailed as a healthier choice compared to a traditional deep fry.

I wanted to air fry my vegetables, instead of using traditional methods such as oven-roasting or deep frying. And while I could continue food with less oil, sometimes it was tough to get the texture and taste that I wanted.

Even though you could air fry something with no essential oil at all, the outcomes differed for me personally here as well. Oil-less air frying chicken tasted excellent. Air fried french fries? Based on our experience, we would not recommend this.

Air fryers are a great solution if you seek to reduce your oil consumption in frying. However, they won’t make as much of an impact for people who already use little or no oil in the first place.

What Are the very best Foods to Make within an Air Fryer?

Frozen food, like pellets, fries and tater tots, can be cooked using an air fryer. This is due to the fact that it cannot get as hot as a standard fryer. However some users have reported better results when cooking fresh produce with this appliance too.

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Roasted Vegetables (Especially Roasted Garlic)

A friend had explained how little cubes of nice potato become in the air fryer with simply a sprinkle of essential olive oil and she was right. My kids likewise devoured batch after batch of homemade fries (I would recommend skin-on Yukon gold for that.) But my favorite thing about the air fryer, however, was the roasted garlic. You can have golden nuggets of roasted garlic ready in less than 15 minutes without having to do any fiddling with an oven that could take many hours just to heat up.

(However, it’s also worth noting that the air fryer is limited in its size. You can easily make fries or nice potatoes for four rather easily. But if you’re looking to prep a whole week of roasted fruit and vegetables, you’re better off cranking up the oven for the time it will take.)

Want to turn a batch of chickpeas into the tastiest snack? I found that an air fryer does a better job than the oven in crisping these legumes. The convection dried the chickpeas to a sharp perfection.

The recipe for apple cider doughnut holes in this book influenced my view of the air fryer. (This doughnuts were significantly as effective as their stovetop-fried counterparts.) I also tried an instant batch by using a pre-built crescent roll dough one Saturday afternoon and they were just as delightful as the deep-fried kind, without all of the mess.

My small air fryer had the capability for a tiny three-pound chicken, but that was plenty of to feed my children. Gas grills make poultry come out with crispy pores and skin and soft meat just like rotisserie chicken which I think is an enormous gain for the electric grill.

Wings, Shishito Peppers, and Other Snacks

The benefits of an air fryer also extend to smaller dishes. It’s not always easy or desirable to heat the entire oven just for a small snack, be it peppers or something else .
Rewrite2: The air fryer is perfect for providing non-heat cooked snacks. Snack staples like roasted peppers and frying onions are improved Wings and toasted nuts made in the air fryer for game night were both hits at my house.(With bonus points since we didn’t have to heat up the oven forever).

The air fryer is comparatively inexpensive and can be used to cook dishes such as brownies or a two ingredient bagel recipe. (though I haven’t yet!)

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So, Do YOU WILL NEED an Air Fryer?

No, because it takes up a lot of space and is not very efficient to have an air fryer in your kitchen. A smaller air frying machine doesn’t take up any more space than a small toaster and allows you to do everything an electric fryer can, but often times requires that you get close enough.

If you have children that use up their kitchen space, cooking habits, and expendable income on food generally, an oven might be the best investment for you. The grill is capable of cooking small batches of from roasted fruit and vegetables to chicken in a much shorter time than it would take for a full-size oven. Another great thing about air fryers is that they often provide greater flavor and texture when compared to microwaves or toaster ovens.

After initially being skeptical, I am now hooked on my air fryer and can’t wait to see the trends in this marketplace.