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1. Introduction
##2. Types of BenQ ZOWIE Products
##3. Key Features
##4. Price and Availability (outline)

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The Benq Zowie XL2411P provides a comfortable gaming experience at an affordable price.

The XL2411P includes a flicker-free backlight with a 350 nit peak brightness. Color is sRGB with plenty of gaming modes to tailor the play experience. We were just a little surprised to find no support for AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-sync, which can help fight screen tears at fast refresh rates.

Features and Specifications

BenQ Zowie is proud to present their new 144Hz gaming monitor, which offers the most recent refresh rate in addition to high quality sound and color. benq zowie

Unpacking and Accessories

Our sample unit did not arrive with factory packing, so we were unable to experience the security of a shipment to a consumer. Our assembly was easy where bottom and upright snapped together and attached to LCD panel. To raise the monitor, we pressed a tiny button on the lock. Included with the display are DisplayPort and an IEC power cable.

Product 360

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P appears to be designed for enterprise use. This stand-out detail is the little tab on the underside that leads you to the control buttons under it. When connected, an LED light will shine orange in standby mode and green when the power is on.

The bezel is thicker than what is common in modern gaming monitors, at a width of 17mm. The anti-glare layer has an edge on the frame, which keeps light from interfering with brightness and clarity levels.

“The square base includes a molded-in tray, which could be useful for housing stray paperclips or, perhaps, a mobile device,” says Head-Fi.com online editor Jordan Roth. “Sadly, there are no USB ports with which to charge said device.” The speaker does not exist, yet you can find volume control in the on-screen display (OSD).

In addition to adjustment options for stand height and tilt, the stand also offers a portrait mode. The case has a prominent vent on top of the unit that displays the Zowie logo. On either side are inputs, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 and DVI respectively.

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OSD Features

The XL2411P’s OSD adopts a three-box layout and provides icons to guide navigation.

The Picture menu includes all the necessary calibration features–except for picture modes, which will be a in a moment. A Black eQualizer (BenQ spells it this way) adjusts shadow detail for better visibility in dark areas. The XL2411P has a low blue light setting for people who are reading text on a white background on their computer after long hours of work. The Blur Reduction increases the brightness by 50% but removes motion blur.

If shooting in FPS1 or Standard, you can adjust color balance with the RGB sliders and respectively a grayscale tracking. If you wish to change the gamma, there are five pre-programmed settings available. We observed some curious behavior in that case (we ll tell you more on page 3).

There are 11 different picture modes, including Eco which lowers the backlight to save power. The XL2411P can reach 200 nits with a low energy draw of 16.5 watts. A few of the modes change secondary colors and change the gamma for a look we weren t keen on. Standard or FPS1 will be your best bet for an excellent image that suits all games and tasks. Once you re finished tweaking, you can save settings to one of three memories. That is a feature that monitors should include. Relating to this, you can program three of the links to provide an immediate access to monitor functions like picture mode or Black eQualizer.

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Setup and Calibration

The XL2411P benq zowie is too bright in FPS1 mode and some colors are clipped in Standard mode. While the picture was blurred in some instances, its colors and natural appearance were largely preserved. This is illustrated by the lack of eye strain or headaches that people usually feel when forced to play for a long period of time without refreshing their eyesight.

In the past, we observed that high frame rates seemingly block out any forking tearing and a graphics card’s VSync feature manages it. A 1080p display such as this may weigh anywhere from 3-5lbs, and can easily run at its maximum refresh rate of 144hz with many mid-priced graphics cards.

No matter the games we played, our GTX 1080 Ti displayed a steady frame rate. In FPS titles like Tomb Raider, input latency was firmly controlled even if we moved our mouse madly about on occasion. There was no difference between the input lag of VSync on or off.

The BenQ ZOWIE monitor performs adequately in terms of picture quality, but it has more features to extend the performance even further. To compensate for the low brightness, we maxed out the backlight which was about 180 nits. This made it bright enough to play in a well-lit room. However, our monitor looked far better when playing at night.

Turning on the Zowie’s blur reduction feature led to some interesting improvements in contrast and color saturation. As static images were also affected by this change, we eventually left it turned on even when working with productivity-related software. A benq zowie is a rare monitor that may run its backlight strobe at 144HZ.

The darkest areas of the game occasionally lost some detail with Call of Duty: WWII during dark scenes, but no concerns arose while playing. We did not test out the Black eQualizer function If you plan on playing a lot of dark content, it may be helpful to increase the contrast for better details.

Overall, we enjoyed our time with the XL2411P but wish it had FreeSync support. This monitor is limited to a peak brightness of 180 nits, which may be an issue for people who want their screen brighter. Turning it on increased the saturation of colors, making the