5 Best Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ Grab It On Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2021

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-3. Is Gsync worth it?

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Features & Specifications

The PG27UQ is in a category of its own when it comes to HDR technology. It s the only monitor with a full-array backlight available on the market today. Just like the Dell UP2718Q, Asus ROG Swift PG279Q features 384 independently addressable zones and can reach 1,000 nits at peak brightness. In addition, it features over 90% of the DCI-P3 color space because of a quantum-dot film and 144Hz refresh rate–ideal for gaming enthusiasts. This model’s native refresh rate of 120Hz is no joke. Get awesome Black Friday deals in our website.

To work correctly with this display, you will need a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card and recent drivers to allow not only the fast refresh but also HDR10 support. You will also require the Windows 10 update from October 2017 in order to have the ability to run in HDR mode. The PG27UQ includes an HDR brightness slider in its Control Panel. It is the first monitor to utilize DisplayPort 1.4’s bandwidth capacities, and it does not offer ULMB (ultra-low motion blur). The PG27UQ may also be able to accept 10-bit signals with Frame Rate Conversion (FRC).

The PG27UQ carries a factory-certified calibration. We can confirm that not only does it meet its advertised specs, but it’s also one of the most accurate HDR displays we’ve tested. Take a look at these reviews as well.

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Unpacking & Accessories

Like other Asus ROG products, the PG27UQ includes some nice extras. Multiple lenses project different patterns on your desktop and Asus’ signature styling lets you know where this monitor came from.

Included in the input pack of this asus rog swift pg27uq is one DisplayPort 1.4 and one HDMI 2.0 connection, both of which are HDCP 2.2 compatible (for your comparative display types examined, see our DisplayPort vs. HDMI article). asus rog swift pg27uq

The monitor also includes a high-quality cable and an external power. But even so, the panel comes with an internal fan that remains in operation nearly all of the time. If you have a totally silent PC and a dead silent room, you may hear it if you sit very close to the screen. With even the slightest ambient noise present though, the fans barely turn on.

Assembly is simple. Simply snap on your own lens of preference to the bottom and attach it to the already-in-place upright. The hardware is decent quality and features exceptional construction.

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Product 360

The PG27UQ Asus ROG monitor features a wider bezel than other model, with large top and bottom bezels of 20mm as well as 16 mm side-bezels. The anti-glare layer is not only surrounded by a raised rim to keep reflections out but also does not diminish resolution. The picture on the monitor is clear, beautiful, and bright thanks to a 163ppi pixel density possible when the backlight across different portions of the screen are switched on or off.

The three buttons and a joystick which control the OSD introduce it all if pressed. There’s also a fourth button in photography, which toggles power on or off. If other vendors are taking this process seriously, then Asus should also take it seriously and offer on-screen confirmations so that the user must press the power button another time to carefully turn off their monitor.

The styling is a little subdued when compared with other ROG screens, but there are some nice highlights. The bottom projects a pattern on your desktop, and you can also get an illuminated logo along the back of the monitor. There are numerous opportunities to completely change lighting and calibration on your screen. And, you can sync it with other ROG hardware for more widespread effects. Meanwhile, the energy LED stays white in normal mode and a deep red when AMD’s FreeSync is working.

Height adjustment is firm and precise, reaching 4.7″ in height, 45° of swivel for each direction, 25° of tilt going backwards, and 5° forwards.