5 Best Adidas Yung 1 Shoe On Black Friday Or Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Hi, it’s Nigel from Honest Soles and we’re reviewing the Adidas Yung 1.

As a part of the year 2018 footprint, adidas’s Yung 1 was among the most popular running footwear.

Since its inception, the original adidas yung 1 shoe has caught many sneaker enthusiasts’ eyes and can now primarily be seen as a lifestyle sneaker while also remaining appropriate for usage on running surfaces. This shoe’s roster of colorways has been well-updated over time.

Hype or not, the Adidas Yung 1 kicks can only be judged with reviews. Today we put these shoes through everything from sprints to lifestyle implications to see how they fared in each category.

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Top features of the Adidas Yung 1 Shoe

Starting with a breakdown of the key features that contributed to its design, we’ll explain how this sneaker is engineered for your next run.


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The upper consists of 3 layers of material stitched together, which is unique. One thing that I like about this design choice is how it’s possible to mix different colors without any sharp lines – because the layers blend well with one another and still provide a cool looking shoe. The random mixture of materials upon this sneaker also helps make it more interesting.

Some users found it was easy to get the colours on the upper stain other people and clothes. Personally, I have not yet encountered this issue; however, if needed, I will update the review once some input is provided.

It is easy to see that the upper layer of this shoe might compromise breathability in any other shoe. Thankfully, I was wrong. And as you can imagine, the best part about that aspect of this product are its ultra-breathable features.

The upper of the shoe is stretchable, giving me a good and comfortable fit while still allowing room for my toes to move freely.

The Adidas Yung 1’s midsole is not the same as those found on other models from Adidas. The material, EVA foam, isn’t anything fancy and provides less bounce or support than something like BOOST. If you are looking for the best performance and comfort, then this shoe is not the one for you.

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The outsole on these shoes feels great. It offers amazing traction, no matter what kind of terrain you’re running on.

Another indication is that the outsole has more thickness than normal and was engineered to last. That means you won’t need to worry about the shoe losing traction easily over time.

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The Adidas Yung 1 is a fairly comfortable sneaker with an elastic upper and heavy padding around the collar. The forefront area offers more room than normal, which is particularly accommodating for people with larger feet. Finding the right size is important if you want these sneakers to fit well.

Style / Usability

The Adidas Yung 1 is primarily a running sneaker but also serves as part of any fashion outfit.

For running, I think these shoes make a very good running shoe. As stated above, they give good breathability and stretch, decent support and bounce, in addition to being one durable shoe. I ve tried out this shoe for 3 runs, and I m happy with the performance. Of course it s not the best running shoe; however, given how reasonably priced it is, I d say that it does what it needs to do well enough. More on the price below.

With its simple leather and overall design, these sneakers are the perfect addition to the dad shoe trend. The mixture of colors really appeals to me and the design is much more unique in my opinion. What do you think about it?

Clothing: There are many different colorways to choose from so it’s sure to match any outfit. They’re also a perfect addition to your ‘kicksoftheday’, and they’ll be great for any occasion you wear them.
Top Comment: “nice”

Here are some pictures of the shoes I just got. Let me know what you think!

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I went a size down with my Adidas Yung 1 for a snug fit. It looks cumbersome but it actually fits my narrow feet well In most cases, you should go half to a full size down.

To help you get an idea of the shoe size that suits you best, I wear US 9 for Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Air Max 97. I also wear US 8-8.5 for Adidas NMD and Nike Air Force 1


The Adidas Yung 1 shoe is priced affordably at $120.

As this sneaker has been released for some time now, you can buy them from most trusted online retailers for only $70!

Even on online marketplaces like Amazon, these sneakers typically cost $80.

Unfortunately, the Adidas Yung 1 is a bit pricey. I would say yes for what it offers though. Keep reading for a rundown of what this shoe includes.

Summary of Advantages and disadvantages for the Adidas Yung 1

– adidas yung 1
– comfortable
– durable


The upper is susceptible to permanent color transfer

Final Words

Overall, I would say the Adidas Yung 1 is an excellent sneaker for lifestyle and running. Whether you are wearing them for work, going to the movies, or just walking around they make great sneakers. If you’re a runner, these sneakers are the perfect fit for you. So if you haven’t yet purchased a pair, I recommend that you do so now.

Which one do you think is better, a COP or DROP? Let us know in the comment section below!

If you have any questions about this sneaker, feel free to leave a comment below.

As always, let’s spread the sneaker passion.