5 Best Adidas Swift Run Black Friday Deals On Amazon 2021

Sometimes, after I wear running footwear from a particular company for a while, I start to question the shoes’ design and what message they’re trying to convey to their customers. I find it hard to fully answer the question after having used this Adidas Swift Run for about fifty percent a year now.

Best Adidas Swift Run Black Friday Deals On Amazon 2021

Using this model, for me, it’s an OK running shoe. Does it have any running-specific features? Yes, you’re able to find EVA cushioning all around the shoe that fulfills the midsole and absorbs shocks when running. The shoe is 210 grams in total and I am a bit on the short side, so even for taller men, it might be around 260 grams. For people with wide feet, it’s a fairly good option as the toe part is roomy and you don’t need to buy half a size up, or higher. The area for toes might seem somewhat tight at first but this will vary from person to person.

From my perspective, the shoes are good but not great. They’re at best on par with other sneakers I enjoy wearing, like a pair of Nike City Trainers. Adidas swift run full review And, the support for arches is not adequate.

Adidas Swift Run shoes are my favorite because of the stripe on the upper instep area and on the back heel. Though I could not pinpoint if Adidas intended to make it look cool or include reflective aspects, I think this design provides an attractive appearance. However, after four months of wearing these shoes, I noticed a defect with one broken lace loop. It may be my fault for tightening the shoes too much. Nonetheless, it is not necessary. The shoe surrounds the foot pretty well and regardless of what I do, there’s no shifting them around because of their surprisingly good stitching.
By stating that you tightened your shoes an excessive amount of perhaps this person means they were too tight around their feet? I can say the cracked loop was not a designed weak point, and as such I will consider other shoes that have been made with an average shoe.

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Adidas Swift Run Shoes

I can’t give it a higher score simply because I’ve seen too many shoes like this one and they don’t offer anything exceptional. The Reebok Speedlux 2.0 is highly similar but at least an excellent versatility is in evidence and supports supination. I have worn these only for gym training and as a quick warm-up before races, not to mention how they look good with any outfit, so I wear them on non-gym days too.

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