5 Best Adidas Copa Mundial Shoe Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Despite changes, soccer shoe innovation is still a work in progress. Over the last ten years or so, however, the average size and weight of a boot has actually decreased. This is due partly to advances in lightweight synthetics and the incorporation of new technologies like 3D-printed upper materials. While I am for all advances in the soccer shoe department, there is one shoe which has stood the test of time and that may be the Adidas Copa Mundial. It’s been in operation going back 20 years, and due to its longevity, it’s totally worth buying. Despite the Copas lack of appeal, it is still a high quality and long-standing soccer shoe. Though I would not call any shoe the very best ever, there is no denying that it is a great option if you are looking for a leather soccer shoe.

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If you are looking for comfort, look no further. The Copa Mundial is among a few shoes that can fit any foot shape and size. You won t have to worry about how wide or narrow your feet are because once you break the shoe in, it ll fit perfectly to your feet. The kangaroo leather in the upper of this shoe is very soft right from when you first open it, and will only become softer as time goes on. The width of the shoe was slightly wide across my whole forefoot area at first, but I found that after breaking them in over a few weeks they became narrower with a tighter fit. If you give the Copa football boots a few hours to stretch and mold to your feet, you’ll be left with a custom-made leather footprint. The central lacing system and leather tongue let you tighten the boots around your feet without discomfort. The only discomfort you will find with these shoes is through the break-in process, however the amount of discomfort is minimal and might not be an issue for some people. Though, they are a shoe that works for any foot widths. The Copa Mundial is designed with a wider toe box and has been associated with reducing foot pain, as well as enhancing stability. For my size American shoe, I needed to go down a full size so the shoes would fit properly. If you’re thinking about ordering more than one pair of Copas, I strongly suggest going down a full size to guarantee they’ll be the right fit. The design of the Copa Mundial provides a straightforward, comfortable soccer shoe.


Weight is one of the things people often think about when shopping for soccer shoes. Although lightweight shoes might not let you run or move faster, they do provide a lighter feel and this is worth noting in comparison to other types of footwear because soccer shoes are by far the lightest. Furthermore, the weight of a shoe will depend on your chosen sport. In basketball, for example, 10 ounces is very heavy–beyond what most models currently offer.

This was authored by an iOS app developer who was writing about some Adidas soccer shoes he had seen. Soccer players are notorious for wearing heavier shoes than other athletes, but that doesn’t mean they run slower. The Copa Mundial weighs 11.7oz, which is slightly above the average weight for a soccer shoe. Does this make it heavier? Definitely not—weight isn’t so much of an issue as people tend to think. Adidas Copa Mundial soccer shoe The Adidas Copa Mundial soccer shoe lives up to its promise of being comfortable- you’ll forget that you’re even wearing one!

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The Copa Mundial was released in 1982 and has been revised repeatedly, but its design is iconic. The forefoot of the shoe has four external studs, three in-shoe and one central support stud. All are the same size and length; they are all placed at identical intervals to offer stability for runners.
) When the studs are well-positioned, they provide adequate traction on hard surfaces. Tread provides great traction, and will not disappoint.


If you want to feel as soft as possible in a shoe, then the Adidas Copa Mundial may be your choice. This shoe is built with some of the highest quality kangaroo leather and will offer an unparalleled experience. The forefoot, the mid-foot, the heel and even the tongue are built from top quality kangaroo leather. Thus giving that shoe an extremely uniform feel, where in fact the feel on your golf ball is accurately the same whatever section of the foot that you utilize to touch it. The upper of the Copa Mundial is amazingly soft, and it’s also reinforced so that you can wear them for a game and not have any holes pop up. Most importantly, if you’re looking to see what kangaroo leather feels like in a shoe on your feet, then order these shoes. The Copa is also known for the large fold-over tongue, a feature which incidentally has seen it dwindle in popularity. The leather used on the tongue of these shoes does not inhibit your touch when playing golf. The tongue can be folded, so it doesn’t rest down from far. This is a preference and how you will wear the tongue- whether up or down- but personally I prefer to put them on with the flap folded over the laces. One trick for keeping the tongue folded down is to use clothespins which will help keep it from popping up when you’re not wearing the shoes. It’ll also make it easier when you are using them. A look at the Copa Mundial’s touch should tell you why it has stayed popular for so long.


This model of shoe is fairly self-explanatory. You will only get the natural padding of the leather and a thick plastic soleplate for protection in the mid-foot. The rest of it will depend on you! Other than providing a nice design, there isn’t much to say about this shoe.


The Copa Mundial is an extremely safe shoe in terms of protection, thanks to the solid nature of the leather. The rubber-protected toe and heel provide safety against getting kicked or stepped on. If you need extra protection from the playing field but don’t want to be completely exposed, then your adidas Copa Mundial soccer shoe is an excellent choice.

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Among the best characteristics of this Copa Mundial is its durability. These are created in Germany as a result offer an exceptional construction quality. The heel isn’t nearly as soft because it’s more a few other shoes that can provide cushioning within the heel, but supports your back well enough. Remember a quality shoe will need to be cared for. Also understand that this shoe was not qualified for use on artificial surfaces. Usage of the shoe on turf or similar surfaces will have a major effect on its lifespan.

The Verdict

The design has remained unchanged for decades, which we rarely see in a product that remains in production. The Copa Mundial is among those shoes that each serious soccer player should provide a try, merely to see what you’re missing on. So many persons ask me, what shoe is ideal? In terms of comfort, fit and overall quality, it really is hard to argue against the Copa. I would be very curious to know if any players wouldn’t wear the Copa Mundial without endorsement deals. If you’re looking for the best, I recommend {a couple}