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Hi everyone, I hope you’re all successful. This is Nigel from Honest Soles with yet another sneaker review for you this week. Today’s review is on the Adidas Continental 80 footwear model.

Many people know that the adidas continental 80 has been released for a few months.

I briefly described the Adidas Continental 80 in one of my other blogs, but I received feedback suggesting that a more detailed review was needed. Here we go with an overview of the Adidas Continental 80.

However, before we dive into the Adidas Continental 80 performance sandal, an introduction is in order.

Adidas has re-released the original Adidas Continental 80 shoe in fresh colours.

In the beginning, they were conceived as athletic shoes but people soon began wearing them more because of their stylish appearance.

adidas’s continental 80 eventually became one of the most popular shoe types in those days.

Recently, with the release of new colorways, hype has built up once more for these retro sneakers.

With so much pressure on the Adidas Continental 80, it can be hard to determine if they are worth the hype or simply overrated.

For today’s Adidas Continental 80 review, I try to provide you with my honest and objective opinion of this sneaker.

If you’re struggling to figure out if this is a shoe well suited for you, then keep reading on this review on the Adidas Continental 80.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in to today’s Adidas Continental 80 review.

Table of Contents

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Today we ll start with the key features of the Adidas Continental 80 sneaker.

Front of the shoe

One of the key top features of the Adidas Continental 80 is its soft leather upper.

For anyone with a set of Stan Smith shoes, I’d say the leather feels similar but is a little softer.

Unlike most leather material, this product isn t as stiff as well so there is enough stretch to permit your toes to wiggle around for greater comfort.

Toe box and side air holes are punched to ensure good ventilation.

The upper is designed to provide comfort and also looks good, making it one of the best features on the Adidas Continental 80.

The midsole is the part of the shoe between the insole and outer sole. It provides cushioning, stability, and support to your feet.

The midsole of the Adidas Continental 80 is constructed using EVA foam

Personally, I feel that average support and cushioning on the midsole.

As for the midfoot, it feels pretty much like any other lifestyle shoe.

The outsole has been designed to take on any terrain and provides you with the ultimate grip, whether working or trekking in the city.

It features a smooth adidas Continental 80 outsole that also provides excellent grip.

The material of the outsole feels durable, which means this is a pair that will last for at least a few years.

There’s nothing worse than a sweaty neck after a busy day in the sun. The Sneaker Collar is designed to keep your head cool and dry so that you can enjoy every moment on your feet.

When buying a sneaker, make sure to examine the collar.

My latest jeans were a pleasant purchase.

This sneaker provides extra ankle support with firm padding.

Of course, it does not compare to running shoes such as the Adidas Ultra Boost or Yeezy Boost 350 in terms of cushioning.

But in general, the cushioning level for lifestyle shoes is above average and ensures a comfortable wear.

While support is usually important in running shoes, the Adidas Continental 80 provides excellent support all around. Your heels won’t shift while wearing these shoes!

The Continental 80 is an all-around good running shoe that will also provide for a solid in-between seasons trainer.

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Moving from the features of the Continental 80, we’ll now move to part two of this article.

The soles are merely average in terms of cushioning, but the sneaker collar offers decent comfort.

I am very pleased with the comfort of this sneaker. Not only does it have fantastic breathability, they also offer great cushioning and stretch.

These lifestyle shoes do not bother your feet when you stand all day long.

Comfort is paramount, and the Adidas Continental 80 delivers with its lightweight in form-fitting design.

When it comes to comfort, there’s no better than the most comfortable sneakers on the market.


The Adidas Continental 80 offers a clean look in their sleek design.

Despite the numerous colorways available from which to choose, most still look awesome so they’re perfect for every day wear.

These shoes are also simple to match due to their simplistic design.

I especially like the double stripe pattern at the sides that adds personality to the design without being too flashy.

One of the more subtle details on the adidas continental 80 is the heel tab.

Here are several live-action foot shots for your reference!

Personally, I prefer to wear the Adidas Continental 80 with slim fitting jeans because it will make them seem more balanced.

I would also avoid dressing them in outfits that are more blatantly colorful and loud—bright blue jeans paired with a bright green T-shirt, for example.

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To find your best fit, Adidas Continental 80s come in 1 size option.

The wider toe box on the adidas continental 80 makes it easier for those with wide feet to always wear their usual size without needing to go a half size up.

I wear US 9 for my shoes, so the adidas continental 80 in a size 10 would be the most comparable to me.

Final Words (who’s it for?)

Adidas’ Continental 80, a classic lifestyle sneaker for men, offers straightforward and timeless style.

The straightforward design complements any clothes and allows you to create an effortless match, so that you won’t have to worry much about what to wear.

Shoes that feel good on feet are a priority for me, and the adidas continental 80 does not let me down.

Given the Adidas Continental 80’s affordable price, this could be a lifesaver if you’re on a budget.