15 Best TomTom Runner 3 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in 2021

The TomTom Runner 3 is a great affordable option for those looking for a runner’s watch.

The Runner 3 includes a compass and rudimentary route tracking. However, it is otherwise pretty similar.

The TomTom Runner watch is a step above other Android Wear devices mainly because of its workout features.

TomTom Runner 3 price and release date

The TomTom Runner 3 is now available and starts around $120, 120 (roughly AU$160) for the GPS-only model, rising to $150, 150 (around AU$200) for a Runner 3 with added Bluetooth headphones and 3GB of storage for music, then $170, 170 (roughly AU$230) for

The most expensive model is $220, AU$400.

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Getting a TomTom Runner 3 means you have to choose which size your straps should be and what color the unit will be. There is a black version with green highlights and redone with orange highlights.

There are some key differences between Runners 2 and 3. The white plastic module is gone, for example, allowing runners to wash it without taking it out of its strap (the cable stored internally will either connect to your computer or a USB spot on the opposite side).

The TomTom Runner 3 is not your typical digital watch. But it isn’t bulky like a Garmin Fenix 5, either.

One of the few areas of the TomTom Runner that feels cheaply made is its control pad. It looks almost as if it were a fingerprint scanner, but it is in fact just some plastic in the middle that does not move at all. Instead of pressing the touch screen, you press the four sides.

While the chunkiness is intentional for running control, pressing down on it can feel somewhat awkward.

In real-life conditions, it’s fine. Although this may sound counterintuitive–especially if you’re unlucky enough to run in hot weather or while wearing a heavy jacket–you can actually feasibly use the product with sweat pouring into your eyes and your lungs burning from lack of oxygen.

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The TomTom Runner 3 Cardio has a 1.8″ monochrome LCD display without a backlight.

The screen appears black with a white backdrop for any text – it’s an excellent choice for a device that has to show stats instead of videos or games.

In a dimly lit room, the watch will be difficult to see and it’s not clear at all if you don’t allow for a backlight. But on a sunny day, this watch is clearer than any OLED or LCD smartwatch as well-such as Garmin Forerunner watches. It feeds off ambient light instead of overpowering it like other

However, the 144×168 resolution looks good within the TomTom Runner 3 Cardio because it’s a running watch. More pixels would make the text clearer