Top 5 UFC 2 PS4 on Cyber Monday 2021

Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor are starring on the cover of EA Sports latest attempt to recreate the UFC world. They are two of MMA’s most renowned stars – blessed with the precision, dedication, and desire necessary to reach championship glory. The UFC 2 release has been a turbulent event for many reasons and the reviews are mixed, but let s focus in on what makes it worth understanding. EA Sports UFC 2 is no different.

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UFC 2 is packed with visceral, if brutal, glory. A newcomer will make the best of their lucky break and defeat the champ on opening strike of a bout. The greatest UFC star can come out victorious in a manner that no one has ever seen before, furthering strengthening their legacy. Ronda Rousey beat Cat Zingano in 14 seconds by using a blend of dodge, counterattack and submission that many would think impossible. Such occasions of shock and awe don’t happen here. UFC 2 is too sterile, too rigid, and too predictable to ever feel just like an authentic representation of a sport which has built a large audience thanks

Of course, replicating the most fundamental facet of sport is no simple feat and all gaming modes must do it–but that difficulty does not make them inherently unenjoyable. It is reasonable to anticipate that the more skilled player will come out on top in most matches. For a game of skill like this, it wouldn’t be fair for the weaker player earn an early victory and suffer with rougher odds from then on.

Picking Its Battles

So instead of trying to be a genuine representation of the UFC, developer EA Canada’s approach is to provide a precise understanding of mixed martial arts mechanics in an appealing visual wrapper. In this regard, UFC 2 can be viewed as a success.

This game is one of the most visually impactful sports games.

Review: UFC 2 on PlayStation 4 is one of the best-looking sports games available, competing with NBA 2K in terms of athlete likenesses and FIFA in terms of animation variety. Even McGregor’s tattoos are flawlessly rendered in a single pixel, and Rousey’s muscles bulge as she throws a heavy jab. With the sheer number of moves available, it is impossible not to be impressed by the visual spectacle at every turn. Throw a punch during this disconnect with reality and you’re treated to seeing a skilled fighter appear like he’s drunk.

This is accomplished by emphasizing on-screen animations to provide better feedback during the gameplay. Train for fighting in this momentary disconnect from reality and you’re treated to watching a specialist fighter look like they’re drunk because they harmlessly swat away at the air before their face.

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Its Got Moves

Nonetheless, the animations have already been masterfully created in a fashion that allows you total control over individual activities. It is as if you are on your own feet and things are their most powerful; this makes it very easy to execute combos fast and accurately like you can input them. Softening an opponent up with leg kicks before punching the top and body might not be easy, but it can lead to a fight-saving strategy.

Fighting on the ground can make for some less-then-stellar moments but transitions between different positions on the ground are assigned to your left and right triggers, which were implemented in UFC 2014. When the fight hits the ground, a tiny icon on screen tells you what joystick position will help you achieve your desired result. This makes it easier to concentrate solely on outsmarting your opponent and manipulating their body in order to make defense difficult.

In isolation, the mechanics may be entirely necessary and their outcomes are fair enough. But in circumstances where an impressive amount of movement is needed for constant success, the overpowering constraints prevent free flowing combat. The truth is that top-level ground fighters can autonomously move unpredictably to catch opponents off guard. The talented MMA fighters Chris Weidman and Fabricio Werdum are able to use several skills at the same time that leaves both their opponent and spectators bewildered. The pattern of winning position changes is found by continually testing different techniques with a fighting style.

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What You’d Expect

Game modes on the UFC 2 for PS4 correctly reflect this predictability. The most common game mode, career, stands front and center with quick fights and online ladders as appropriate support structures. Career is particularly underwhelming as you need to undertake simple training mini-games in a bid to boost your fighter and win matches so that you can go towards It’s pedestrian, there is nothing special about it.

The most attention-grabbing new edition is Ultimate Team, an effort to emulate the success EA Sports has seen through offering digital cards through the whole likes of FIFA and Madden. Here you can create a team as high as five custom-built fighters and contend with them, online or offline, with a view to winning fights and collecting points which can be

Packed with a diverse cast of characters, the in-game action is challenging and fun. Receiving an unexpected pack of content by chance from the in-game store feels like a bizarre, whimsical stab at player motivation. Locking out fighters is not going to work in this sport because there are a lot of other names available when comparing it to team sports games. Holding back punches until you earn them after training feels cynical and false as well.

That is UFC 2 s problem throughout: the basics are right, but the spectacle and details that may have made it feel just like a genuine fight are missing. The stand-up game could be technically brilliant, and the visuals genuinely eye-catching, yet it never lets itself go and allows its fists to fly. The gameplay is too repetitive and structured with little variation. It isn’t believable that you’re a UFC fighter after playing for 30 matches without feeling some sense of accomplishment.

Thus, UFC 2 may be the best example yet of how difficult it is to simulate certain real-world activities within a game. If UFC 2 really attempted to emulate live fight situations, then it could have failed for being too one-sided in a balanced fighting experience; as such you might argue that this attempt at simulation was doomed from the start. The outcome of each UFC fight is random, but there always seems to be a sense of excitement that accompanies it.


UFC 2 may have the appearance of a UFC fight, but it lacks the action. The fighting style itself is much slower than in other games, which may feel different depending on what you re used to from the genre.