5 Best TomTom Runner Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 Deals

TomTom’s first fitness tracker watch isn’t their first foray into wearable tech. According to TomTom, the wearable market presents an opportunity they are seizing by creating a wrist-wearable device.

the TomTom runner, now much cheaper, has all of the functions for an enthusiast.

However, it’s also available in a steroid-pumped launch price of 179.99 ($199/around AU$218) version, the TomTom Multi-Sport which throws in extra features for swimmers and cyclists like an altimeter and a cadence sensor.

Aside from the small differences, such as size and battery life, both devices are virtually identical. One of their shared selling points is clear right away: Tomtom s GPS mapping technology provides a more accurate tracking degree than other popular fitness bands including the Nike Fuel Band and Fitbit Flex, which rely largely on wrist-based activity sensors like those found in

Best Deals For TomTom Runner On Amazon Black Friday Sales

TomTom Runner: Design

The watch has two parts: the core module and rubber strap. The module can be easily detached from the strap when you need to take it off the wrist, which is something that will happen often since you’ll need to connect it with a computer.

With both strap and device being securely fastened on your wrist, TomTom made changing straps a breeze. The TomTom Runner watch is also waterproof, with up to 50 meters of depth.

The Runner has a sleeker feel to numerous rivals and feels unobtrusive on the wrist. However, while you’ll probably keep your Fitbit Flex or Nike Fuelband on during the day, the TomTom Runner feels like it’s made to be strapped on before you head out the door and removed when you return.

The watch has the mapping signals accessed by the GPS receiver which TomTom has put beneath the screen to create the four-way button rather than hiding it inside. In addition, there is an accelerometer located on top of this item if you are using the treadmill function.

You must sync the TomTom Runner with your MySports Connect account or enter these details directly so it can collect crucial information about you.

Once you run the re-creating function, we recommend securing that your data is updated. If you don’t do this, then it’s likely that your watch will give off incorrect results as soon as you try to map out the route. The TomTom Runner is compatible with other devices, like a heart rate monitor, and links them beforehand so you are able to keep an eye on tracking data without the hassle of switching back and forth between apps.

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TomTom Runner: Performance

Syncing your TomTom to a data source is an important step in using it. After you re-synced up, make sure that the correct type of activity for which you need the watch (jogging or walking) is selected. As you can see, the TomTom Runner has an option to begin a workout session via its QuickGPSFix feature.

The speed of the process is different depending on location, but we found that it sometimes has a minute or two (and occasionally much longer) that may seem like an interruption.

Make sure you got to stand still while turning. Moving about will only slow the experience rate. Once you are locked, you’re set.

Among the most used features of TomTom is Graphical Training Partner. This mode offers four different modes: Zone, Race, Goal, and Laps.

The zone will let you know if your pace is too fast or slow. Too slow and you will get a buzz telling you to increase your pace.

Race overviews your present run and presents a history of your current speed, while Goal widens the number of meters you can set.

Finally, there’s a Laps mode that lets you set either programmed or manual laps based on time and distance.

Hit Right to view real-time stats, including pace, lap time, and stride length (if you’re using heart rate).

The battery, which TomTom claims will last up to 10 hours, proved accurate in our testing. Night joggers who have the light on may notice a decrease in battery life due to increased power drain.

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TomTom Runner: Data analysis

In terms of attaching your watch to the computer, you are going to need to work a bit harder. Because the Nike+ SportWatch does not have an integrated USB connector, you will be limited with the cables you can use.

Syncing the device is straightforward, thanks to TomTom’s introduction of their online MySports portal. Though not very advanced at this time, it will allow you upload your data to different services such as RunKeeper.

MySports was founded on the MapMyFitness system. If you sign in with a preexisting account, you can export your data to your desired platform.

MySports has a map and the current stats such as pace and calories burned. We’re expecting updates as it moves out of beta, but there are some features that we want to see more of, like breakdowns for laps.

TomTom released its MySports iPhone app that syncs to devices via Bluetooth.

Once you sign into tomtom runner, it can share the data from your iphone app with MySports (or other fitness apps like Runkeeper).

But the most useful feature is that of QuickGPSFix, which can upload your watch to your computer without any need for plugging it in.

The watch desperately needed a feature such as this and we are happy that TomTom finally delivered.


TomTom’s watch is purely focused on fitness; it includes none of the excess whizzes and bangs you’ll find in
the selection of smartwatches out there.

The tomtom runner is an unobtrusive and lightweight wearable that offers respectable features for runners at any level of ability.

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